7 money spells that rich people might have tried

7 money spells that rich people might have tried“Love is all you need” is a famous saying, but you can’t live without a minimum amount of money even if you have love. You shouldn’t get too greedy, but it’s natural to wish for more money. Then why don’t you try some money spells? I’ll introduce you some easy spells, as well as more full-fledged ones.

7 money spells that rich people might have tried


Prepare for luck by cleaning your room

You might have heard of this once, but cleaning is the best way to improve your luck. Of course it’s important to clean your room and organize it, but the most important place is an entrance, which is the face of your house.

A dirty entrance will lose good luck. First of all, clean the entrance with a broom, and throw salt under the door. Leave the salt at least for 7 days, and you would notice some change.


What comes around goes around

Your luck in money will be improved and you will get more money if you spend your money for others such as fund-raise and donation. When doing so, say the mantra of Daikokuten (the god of wealth), “On, makya, karaya, sowaka” or the mantra of eleven-faced Goddess of mercy, “Onrokeijinbarakiriku”. Your money problem would be solved.


A spell for extra income

If your money is getting less and less before a payday and you are worried if you can survive, try a spell for extra income. Prepare a silver paper of gum, a black pen and a scotch tape.

1. On the silver paper of gum, write down “I wish my luck in money will be improve” with a black pen, and fold the paper thinly with the silver part out.
2. When it becomes 2.5mm thin, put both ends together with a tape so it becomes like a ring.
3. Put it in the direction of Northwest in your room.

If there is no desk or shelf in that direction, don’t put it on the floor but on the wall. You would get extra income or an unexpected present. If you don’t get anything within 30 days, do it again. If you did get something, show your appreciation to the paper and throw it away.


A spell to invite luck in money

“Put a slough of a sneak in your wallet, and your luck in money will be improved.” This is a famous saying from early times. A sneak is considered to be “a servant of the god”, or “the god of commerce”. That’s why a slough of a sneak has a power to invite luck in money.

Recently a slough of a sneak is available in a shop as an item for luck in money, but in an area where sneaks live, you can find a slough somewhere like in the bush. You should be careful when you look for one, because those places are not organized and therefore dangerous.


How to make money incense

By burning incense, you can cleanse the aura and remove bad air.
<Ingredients> 1 pinch of nutmeg, 1 pinch of cinnamon, 1/2 pinch of Melissa, 1/2 pinch of lemon or orange peel, honey water (mix honey and water in the proportion of one to one)

<Necessary tools> a mortar, a muller

<How to make>
1. Pinch each ingredient in a mortar, making a wish.
2. Grind it well with a muller.
3. Pour honey water in it and shape is like a corn.

<How to do a spell>

1. Put some items on a table. A stone (power stone) in the north, a tree branch or wooden wand in the east, a candle with fire in the south, and a glass or stainless cup with water in. When you prepare them all, put incense in the middle of the table and burn it.

2. Make a greeting to each direction saying the following spells. Raise the stone toward the north and say “Dear genie of the ground in the north, please watch this ceremony.” Raise the branch toward the east and say “Dear genie of the wind in the east, please give your power of wind to this ceremony.”

Raise the candle toward the south and say, “Dear genie of fire in the south, please burn out the dirt.” Raise the cup toward the west and say, “Dear genie of water in the west, please cleanse this place.”

3. Make your wish toward the smoke of incense and release the smoke saying “Please deliver my wish.”

4. At last, say your appreciation to each direction, in the order of north, west, south and east. Don’t breathe the smoke directly. This is a spell for yourself, so don’t make a negative wish.


How to make money potpourri

Potpourri has been used as a charm against evil and bad luck, but this is also made for an item to inviting good luck.

<Ingredients> 2 pinches of clove, 1 pinch of oakmoss, 1 pinch of cinnamon, 3 pinches of patchouli

<Necessary tools> 10 square-cm green fabric (cotton or wool if possible), a band or thread

<How to make>
1. Mix everything together, making a wish. Imagine yourself being successful strongly. It’s also effective to add a few drops of herb oil.
2. Wrap the ingredients in a green fabric, and tie it with a band or sew it with a thread.
3. Knead it a little and release the smell. And that’s it.

<How to do a spell>
1. Bring this with you in the pocket of your jacket. Don’t let anyone find or touch it. This bag will lose its power by being touched by other people.
2. When it’s losing the smell, knead little.

Your wish for money will come true by bringing the bag and smell the flavor. Make a new potpourri every 3 months, and bury the old one under the ground. The herbs you use have their own effects, so you can choose your favorite herbs and make your original potpourri.


How to make money oil

This is easy aromatic oil which improves your luck in money.

<Ingredients> 5 drops of cedar, 4 drops of vetiver, 2 drops of ginger, 7 drops of patchouli

<Necessary tools> a container to put oil (a cheap one will do)

<How to make>
1. Imagine how to use money you get in the future, while breathing in through your nose and out from your mouth.
2. Smell the flavor of the ingredients and put everything in a container, making a wish.

<How to do a spell>
1. Hold the container and say the following spell. “Dear money oil which brings me luck in money, I’ll give you a power on behalf of the sun, the moon and the star. No matter when and where, try to work for my luck in money.

2. Prepare a bill and pour the oil in order of on the left upper corner, on the right upper corner, on the right lower corner, and on the left lower corner of the bill. Put the bill back in your wallet. The money you spend would return double-fold. Some people might get skin troubles by aromatic oil, so when you touch it by accident, wash it off immediately. If there is a problem with your skin, go see a skin doctor.

If you have the period or high pressure, or if you are pregnant, you could get sick. So you should first ask for a professional advice from a doctor or aroma therapist. Handle oil under your own responsibility. You can give the oil to someone as a present, but you can’t sell it. If you do, you violate the pharmacy low and you will be disciplined strictly.


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If you are a hard worker, good luck could support you. There are some charms and spells that suit you more than others. It happens a lot that one spell was very effective to person A, but the other one was more effective to person B. Well, which spell will give you a good result?



7 money spells that rich people might have tried

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