7 self-reforms in order to say to want a girlfriend

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You want a girlfriend strongly, and it is good that you immediately say “Want a girlfriend!” around such as now is the time to act, but please wait a moment. If a woman is introduced with much effort, you are not yet ready to do anything to meet the candidate of a new girlfriend and remain in being too slovenly, and cannot aggressively approach her thinking it better you should prepare much more.

f you just broke up with her or have not fallen in love for a while, you need to try self-reform as preparations exercises to love.

However, there are many people who do not know what you should change on earth. Then if you change these 7 points, you get everything squared away to reach wonderful love.

7 self-reforms in order to say to want a girlfriend


Change the hairstyle

If you always get a low price on a 1,000 yen haircut and get your hair cut at the barber shop where men in their middle age visit, and you should get a haircut at a hairdresser before you say you want a girlfriend. The finish of cutting is considerably different even if you ask at a beauty parlor in the same manner as you do at a usual barber shop.

It is important for the person who has a thick head of white hair to dye it properly. The person who does not get all dressed up too much and pay properly attention to his appearance will be preferred by women from the first impression.


Change the fashion

Do you not wear out your usual favorite T-shirt and jeans? It is important to wear a favorite thing for a long time, but it is better not to wear the clothes with the collar and the cuffs going to be shabby anymore.

You need not choose the stylish clothes despite yourself, but you only wear a new thing and make a feeling of cleanliness. For new love, let’s have clothes and glasses, shoes made newly. You should get new clothes, glasses, and shoes for your new love.


Practice a smile

The person who finished love and gets away from love for a while may forget to direct the gentle smile toward her. You should practice a smile so that you can immediately do it when she is introduced before saying you want a girlfriend.

Despite wanting a girlfriend, if you have your stage face on with strange pride and look really lonely on your face, you will not be able to get a new girlfriend.


Try vocal exercises

Practice to talk a new girlfriend gently. When you broke up with the former girlfriend, you did not talk in a voice full of gentle love. You scarcely ever said long friendly words and positive comments.

If you try vocal exercises to avoid words and voice being full of negative aura, you cannot help voicing. It is good to receive the goods brightly saying “Thank you” to the salesclerk in the convenience store.


It is better to be able to explain what kind of woman after your mind

When you declare you want a girlfriend, you must be surely asked “What kind of girl do you prefer?” Then you should prepare for answering a female image without the sarcasm while pretending to think a little.

The impossible female image of delusion whose face is like AKB and whose body is like a gravure idol is not acceptable. It seems to be a joke and a girlfriend will not be introduced. The extent such as “I like a shy woman” or “I like a woman talking well” will be accepted.


It is better to be able to use Line or SNS

If there is a new encounter, you will exchange contact information to meet her many times from now on. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the methods of communication with not only the address of a mobile phone but LINE and SNS registered by you based on the girlfriend’s favorites.

When she uses LINE in the main, even if you exchange email address because you have it only, she becomes complicated to contact you, the long-awaited relations might disappear.


Clean your room

When you do not know you might encounter a new girlfriend, and it might be your room where you would meet her. At that time, if there is a never made-bed and the room is full of garbage, you cannot say “come to my room” without hesitation.

For that time, you should clean your room. It need not be a perfect room. You clear up to the extent you can invite a person in an hour. When you finish clearing up your room, your feeling changes and you will be more positive toward new love.
How about things mentioned above?

When you declare you want a girlfriend around, you should do after you get everything squared away without getting bothered by your room even if you have a woman of the candidate of a new girlfriend introduced right now.

It is not necessary to change your character, but you should take care of your refreshment and reform.

Since you can do everything at once, begin anything right now.

When you change characters; you may be gotten anxious saying as “What happened?,” but if it is the extent that you carry out 7 matters, friends around you say “Your atmosphere changed” and will introduce a wonderful woman to you.


7 self-reforms in order to say to want a girlfriend

・ Change the hairstyle
・ Change the fashion
・ Practice a smile
・ Try vocal exercises
・ It is better to be able to explain what kind of woman after your mind
・ It is better to be able to use Line or SNS
・ Clean your room


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