7 steps to encourage yourself by affirmation

7 steps to encourage your mind with affirmation
Do you know affirmation? It means “affirming oneself” or “recognizing oneself.” Most people think that is speaking to oneself or repeating words like “I want…,” “I wish…,” or detect something with saying “… is ….” The most effective affirmation is to say grateful or positive words to yourself with emotions and senses, it is not only to say affirmative words. In case you have no idea how to do that, I’ll tell you how to do affirmation and steps to encourage yourself.

7 steps to encourage yourself by affirmation


1: Understand what affirmation is.

Affirmation is to evolve yourself. It needs no tool. Just with your “energy,” “words,” and “consciousness,” you can enhance yourself and move on toward the desirable goal. That is to say, your words and consciousness create your future. Control the direction like a conductor of an orchestra. Mother Teresa says, “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.” This is exactly the way of affirmation. Keep those words in your mind.


2: Understand how your consciousness and mind work.

Affirmation is to create your future with your “consciousness” and “mind”. The earth and the world echo your voice (the spiritual power contained within words), then those words rebound on you. If you say, “I’m bored these days,” your world will be filled with boring things. If you say, “I’m worthless,” your value will be decreasing. If you say, “It is a beautiful day! I feel cheerful,” your world will be getting cheerful. If you say, “How irritating. I had to stop at a red signal and a railroad crossing,” your stress will be increasing. Recognize that your “consciousness” and “mind” create your world.


3: Have a room in your heart to calm down your mind.

We often lose our composure when working on something. Most of busy people are irritated. Under such a condition, how can we make “the right decision” or move on to “the right direction” or “the desirable future”? Of course, we know the answer. Relax. Breathe slowly. When you have a bit of time, close your eyes and tell yourself these words. I take a little time to do nothing everyday. I am entirely free from any intention. My mind is always calm and quiet. I accept everything with a peaceful mind. My negative emotion is vaporized away quickly and gently. I can feel peace. I can relax deeply anytime I want. I sincerely hope peace for everyone I meet in my life.


4: Imagine the world you can get.

Imagine clearly the world you want to get with affirmation. We can’t head for any place or goal without defining them, and can’t get no energy from them. What is you want to be through affirmation? Sit back and close your eyes, imagine it using the five senses fully, and write it down on a notebook or a paper, everything you come up with. Then stick it on the wall where you can always see it. You may find it like only a self-enlightenment thing, but it is necessary to define the destination clearly and to make your unconscious mind recognize it. You need to do it.


5: Learn how to control your consciousness.

In many cases, we can control our own consciousness. When you are “irritated” or “depressed,” see those emotions from a distance. If you are irritated, see yourself objectively as you see others. You should feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you feel “How embarrassing.” Through that habit, you will be able to minimize the negative energy without feeling yourself disgusting or shameful.


6: Learn how to control your words.

You also can control most of your words that create your consciousness and your future. The method is very simple. Just “take a breath before you speak.” If you often use dirty words, hurtful words, or negative words, take a breath before you say that. If you do so, you will have doubts about those words, and can decrease unnecessary words or negative speaking.


7: Accustom yourself to having the consciousness to do affirmation

Today’s affirmation doesn’t produce a result tomorrow, but it doesn’t need any rite. It will change you gradually by being repeated. Just take care of your consciousness and the state of your mind everyday. If you keep doing it for months and look back to today, you will find wonderful change and development in yourself.


By keeping those 7 steps in your mind everyday, somehow your usual life begins to change gradually. To notice your change is the start of affirmation. Don’t rush or haste, keep your own pace, and just enjoy the change of yourself. I hope this article will help you in any way.

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