7 reasons why Alstroemerias are perfect for a gift

7 reasons why Alstroemerias are perfect for a gift

Alstroemeria is called as a little lily as it is a lily-like flower. They look dignified as well as pretty. Also they look exotic as the petals have eye-catching markings.

Alstromerias are perfect for gifts. There are many varieties and colours so can be a great gift for any age. Colours include red, pink, white, purple, orange, yellow and so forth. Therefore, it is good for making a bouquet and you could enjoy choosing nice colours.

In addition, Alstromerias have lovely language of flowers. Here are reasons why Alstromerias are perfect for a gift.

7 reasons why Alstroemerias are perfect for a gift


To consider for others – Let’s learn language of Alstroemeria

One of language of Alstroemeria is to make someone feel better.
This is wonderful language as it means that you care about others. If someone feels blue or worried, it is a good idea to give him/her Alstroemerias.

Also, they have “consideration for others” and “happiness”. That’s why Alstroemeriaa are perfect for gifts.


Why is it called an exotic flower?

Another language of Alstroemeria is exotic. This is because their petals have eye-catching markings.

There are various colours in the petals. Outer petals are one-coloured petals and inner ones are spotted.

There are two clearly spotted petals that are smaller than others, and a light spotted petal under them. Because of its complicated structures, Alstroemeria is an impressive flower.

Alstroemeria also has “delicate” and “brave”. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be like Alstromerias?


Happy days

One of the main reasons why Alstroemeria is perfect for gifts is this language “happy days” as well as “peaceful life”.

Even if there are not many big events in your life, you would be happy when you live a peaceful and happy life. That’s why Alstroemeria is a great gift to wish someone to spend happy days with these flowers.


Alstroemeria lasts longer

Cut Alstroemerias live longer than other flowers. That’s why they are good for gifts.

Normally life of fresh cut flowers is 7 to 10 days. Alstroemeria could live at least for 2 weeks. It could last longer when you give special treatment.

It would be fantastic if cut flowers live for more than 2 weeks and flowers bloom form buds.


Suitable for making a bouquet

One Alstroemeria stem can produce some flowers while other one can do just one flower.

Each stem has three flowers. After putting cut flowers in a vase, they bloom one after another. Therefore, it is essential to clean a vase and change the water every day.
Alstroemerias are good for making a bouquet and flower arrangements as few stems of Alstromerias can add volume.


Let’s try potted Alstroemeria

Potted Alstroemerias can be a great gift too. You can grow from bulb and the height is 30 to 40 cm. Flowers bloom April to Jul. When a flower withers, you need to deadhead it.

When it flowers, you should water regularly to prevent the soil from drying out. Then, when it finishes, just reduce watering. You don’t need to water in a rest period.

Potted Alstroemerias should be kept out of direct sunlight or heat, and be put in shade and well-ventilated area. As Alstroemerias are not hardy in cold weather climate, it should be kept in your home in winter.


Name origin and other names

Alstroemeria are native to South America. It was named after the Swedish botanist Alstromer who found Alstroemerias when he was travelling in South America in 1753.

It is also called “Lily of the Incas”, “Dream lily” and “Lily daffodil”. It was originally classified in the Liliaceae family and later in the Alstroemeria family. It came to Japan in 1926 and it was called “Lily daffodil”.


Did you enjoy learning why Alstromerias are perfect for gift? When you get a floral gift, the flowers and sender can make you feel happy.

Also, you must want to keep them as long as possible. So you can feel enriched by looking at the flowers and changing the water every day. Then, you can enjoy long-lasting Alstroemerias.



7 reasons why Alstroemerias are perfect for a gift

– Let’s learn language of Alstroemeria – To consider for others –
– Why is it called an exotic flower?
– Happy days
– Alstroemeria lasts longer
– Suitable for making a bouquet
– Let’s try potted Alstroemeria
– Name origin and other names

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