5 guides for Angel Cards beginners

5 guides for Angel Cards beginners

Do you know what “Angel card” is?

It is the card that you can receive massage form god and angel.
It is consist of dozens of cards, and you pick a card by many ways. The card you pick up has massage form god and angel. You may notice those things from the massage.

・”This is the thing that I need.”
・”There was that mean at that time.”
・”I should use more energy for the thing”
・”This love may go well.”

So, “Angel card” is the tool which finds a new you. The words from the card will help you your hope for your future, realization of a dream, the thing you didn’t notice, love.
The very good thing is the card doesn’t have negative words. You don’t have to be disappointed.

*How to play the angel card depends on sales agencies. Please play it according to the manual. Also you can play on the internet.

But we have different feeling when we read the card. It depends on how to consider your destiny and fortune every day. I will tell you 5 tips how to guide your fortune.


5 Tips Guids for Angel Cards beginners

Tip 1: Take the Fortune by the Forelock.

Do you know the proverb? It is from Greek mythology. The story is like that. One day, suddenly a god walks in front of you. The god has only a handful of his hair. If you want to get the hair, you have to grab it when the god is in front of you. If you miss the chance, you can’t get it forever.
The people who have good fortune don’t miss the chance. Perhaps they might not always get good chance, but they don’t care. Don’t miss the chance, everyone, or you will regret.


Tip 2: Relax however You are Busy

We have lots of events or happenings in the modern society. You may miss good chance because of your busyness. You need to make the space that you can welcome your fortune. Make the time you can relax. You may miss the good chance if you are irritated all the time.


Tip 3: Take Care of Your Intuition and Have a Good Custom

The people who have good fortune take care of their intuition. They don’t worry about failure. If you think you may go well, everything is going to be alright.
Also they have good customs and believe popular believes. How about having good customs like to find good side of somebody or to praise someone.


Tip 4: Don’t Care Misfortune and Change It into Fortune

To have the custom that you don’t care misfortune is very good thing. For example, if you are caught speeding, please think that way “if I were drive faster, I would have had a car accident.”

One day, my friend drove a narrow, dark road. At that time, a car was coming in front of him. He stopped just barely, but the car couldn’t stop, then they crushed. In this situation, everybody can feel blue, but there is a chance to change misfortune into good fortune. The driver who came to crush was elder guy. He didn’t want to report to the police this accident. After the negotiation, my friend got $3000.

That was a example of changing a misfortune into a good fortune.


Tip 5: Plant a Seed of Good Luck

Let’s plants a seed of good luck. You can just declare “I want this.” if you want to get something. Don’t ask someone to give that for you. Some of your friends might remember the thing that you want, and someone might give it to you, if you declare. If you are not good at communication, you can write it on SNS. Your wish might be realized.


How were these tips? The topics were little bit away from the angel card, but by taking care of your fortune, you can read angel card with more positive viewpoint. Please use the tips to have better life.


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