What is the healing power of the Angel picture?

What is the healing power of the Angel picture?Are there really the Angel since olden days? I wonder the Angel were real. Have you thought little more than that? There is how to meet the angel and how to feel it. Have you ever seen the Angel picture?

There is the thing called the angel picture which grants your dream only with looking at but the figure of Angel is a little different from that of the Angels like babies who are around Holy Mother painted in the Renaissance era.

It is such a picture as painted on the Oracle card. Do you know the names of an Archangel Mikhail, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael? Will the images travel with the names?

The Angel picture not only makes you ecstatically happy with just looking at but has the healing effect. I will tell you how to choose and the knacks to grant your wishes. After you read this, have the good encounter with the Angel pictures and the true Angels and fulfill your dreams.

What is the healing power of the Angel picture?


Know an Angel

Dr. Doreen Virtue has experience to be helped by an Angel, takes the contact with an Angel over and over again and conveys the messages. He says the Angel has rank and the existence to help us so that we will be blessed with all. The person seems to come in contact with the Angel of the upper rank according to rising.

① The Angel was born as the light in the conception of the love of God. It supports us any time we call it in a clutch situation. It is the existence of love that always watches us.

② The Archangel is the existence in the higher rank to serve as an Angel having higher wave motion. If even it is an Archangel, it always helps you like an Angel when you call it. It is different from an Angel and has the power to help plural people regardless of time and place. Many Archangels having the power are painted in the Angel pictures.

③ The Tutelary Angel called a Guardian Angel stays by anybody from the cradle to the grave, and protects you.

It is the existence unlike the numen of instruction (the numen of protection). The numen of instruction is the former person who gained special ascetic practices after the person related to parents and ancestors dies. However, the Guardian Angel is not a human being and has never gone down in the terrestrial world. It has charge of the work to lead the person safely and surely with gratuitous love.


Get the Angel picture

There are some attentions on buying the Angel picture. It is important to become careful because it is the opportunity to be connected to the Angel, but it is to emphasize the intuition to feel “I liked this.” Since the Angel picture is the thing painted by the human, it sometimes includes the painter’s conviction or wave motion.

Therefore you should choose the thing making the impression for being bright. The brighter thing, the better wave motion. Please place importance on the encounter.


Keep a smiley face always

Even if you get possession of the Angel picture, you cannot be connected when you are gloomy. Of course it is not necessary to laugh forcibly when you feel terrible. Although you must express delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure obediently, but it is necessary to make efforts to laugh if you want to call an Angel.

In addition, the person who has the negative thought, or cannot hope the happiness of other people or is unusually greedy is not taken the side of by the Angel and does not gravitate toward one another against Yang in the theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements.


Imagine the dream that you want to fulfill

What is the dream you want to fulfill? Of course you will have a lot of thing such as love, happiness and so on. Please imagine them. What you need to take care is that you should think you cannot realize the self-righteous and excessive desire. For example, because you dislike that person, you want him to go somewhere. You can never realize what entraps a person.

On the contrary, you surely draw a retort from working the laws of the universe though you might hold hands with the devil and realize it. The desire that is easily realized by the healing effect of the Angel picture is the request based on the love for others that everybody can be happy.


Imagine it vividly

Make a clear image while seeing the Angel picture. Most of all it is the point for the heart to be happy and to feel peaceful. If you cannot do well, draw the treasure map (the map of the treasure) while seeing the Angel picture. Then you can make the image strongly. When your image becomes clouded, the thought does not become realized.


Display it within sight

As for the place to display the Angel picture, it is the place where always meets your eye every day will be good. It is effective to sleep while seeing it in the bedroom, and what you decorate the living room with it will be good. It is effective to put it on the place where you can make an image properly while always seeing it. It becomes easy to be connected to the Angel with continuing to imagine an Angel all the time.


Look at the picture repeatedly

If you have the attitude without seriousness for your wish as you think it enough to see it because you saw the Angel picture once today, you could not realize your dream. As the above-mentioned the Angel always watches around you, and it is a symbol and you must not use it as the objective for the for-profit faith.

Because you must strongly imagine it, it is effective to see it many times a day.

The distance to the goal will be shortened earlier because the passion applying to the desire of subconscious heats up every time seeing it. It becomes easy to be connected with seeing the Angel picture many times and being conscious of the Angel.


How about things mentioned above?

It is the secret to be connected to the Angel to always put a smiley on your face.

If you repeat it, the day when you can notice the existence of the angel if I repeat it will come. Not only your wishes come true but the Angel comes to tell the danger avoidance or the fortunate chance in one way or another wherever possible.

You always look at the Angel pictures and attain happiness. In addition, please choose the Angel picture by your inspiration by all means because you may have the encounter and the relationship with the Angel who matches for you.

The dream which you want to fulfill changes into a vivid image, and put the Angel picture on the place that you can see very well and see it many times a day. The wish becomes clearer, it will reach an Angel and come true. It will be becoming genuine by all means.



What is the healing power of the Angel picture?

・ Know an Angel
・ Get the Angel picture
・ Keep a smiley face always
・ Imagine the dream that you want to fulfill
・ Imagine it vividly
・ Display it within sight
・ Look at the picture repeatedly

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