How to use angel pictures to get a lucky break

How to use angel pictures to get a lucky break

Do you have a problem? Do you have a dream? Is your mind peaceful? When you have problems or bothering matters, your mind gets stormy. At such times, angel pictures can save you.

Angel pictures are full of love, which heals your heart, especially when your heart need some help. Angels help you heal your heart.

Then how can you use angel pictures to get their support? Let’s think about how to connect you with angels.

How to use angel pictures to get a lucky break


Decorate angel pictures

This is the most basic but the most effective way. Your heart is healed just by looking at angel pictures. Your mind will be calm and you will see the problem clearly. The angel pictures help you do it.

The best place to decorate it is in the restroom, but any place is fine. Find the place where you think the angels can be comfortable with. That’s the best place for you to decorate the angel pictures.

It’s important to take with the angels in the picture. The angels looks like they are in the picture, but they are actually in your heart.


Hold your hand above angel pictures

Angel pictures give you relief when your mind is tired. When you have a problem, you are sad or down, angels come to help you. If you hold your hand above the angel pictures, you may feel a warm atmosphere.

Energy which comes from the angel pictures will heal your tired mind. The energy has a power to make your heart light. You may feel the warmth from the angels.


Give a prayer to angels

As the word says, angels are messengers from the heaven. When you are suffered from an unreasonable matter, angels will bring your wish to the heaven. Angels will be there for you. But you should be careful of one thing.

Angels can’t help you for your selfish wish, such as being rich or getting something you want.

What angels can do it to save your heart. Give a prayer to angels like, I want to be happy, I want solve my problem, or I want a peaceful mind. If you pray, the angels will offer a helping hand.


Hold angel pictures in your arms

Angel pictures are really beautiful. When you stare at an angel picture, you may have a feeling you can’t explain. You may feel the angels very close, or feel as if they are alive in the picture. In that case, hold the picture gently in your arms.

If your heart is connected to the angels enough to feel them close to you, you will feel a big satisfaction just by holding it. The angels are also holding you.


Draw angel pictures

If you are attracted by angel pictures, draw one by yourself. Don’t try to draw it nicely. Express the angel in your heart. Face the angel with your pure mind.

Drawing an angel picture is the best way to make you close to the angels. Draw a picture as you imagine. Colors and compositions are all up to you, so try talking to the angels in your mind. The angel in the picture you drew is your mind itself.


Wear angel pictures

You have to treat angel pictures in a nice way since they reflect your mind. But sometimes sad and tough things happen outside your house. You may want to heal your heart at such times, too, so wear angel pictures when you go somewhere.

Get a small angel picture such as a postcard, and put it inside your diary to bring with you. You can also set an angel picture on the screen of your cell phone. You will feel happy and peaceful no matter when you see the picture.


Give someone angel pictures as a gift

You can’t have the happiness from angels all to yourself. If your family or friends have some problems, give them an angel picture as a gift. It’s not only your own effort that made who you are today. Your family and friends around you helped you.

You have to help people that wish for happiness to you. Give them angel pictures, and you will be happy as well. Angels also give you a circle of people.


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An angel picture is vitamin to heal your heart. The more you are tired, the more powerful the picture becomes. You will appreciate the power of angels, but they don’t ask you for anything. They are always there for you and help you, even if they don’t get anything in return.

What you have to do is to make your heart strong and gentle with a help of angels. Also, show your respect and appreciation to the angels in your heart. They will smile at you as always.



How to use angel pictures to get a lucky break

・Decorate angel pictures
・Hold your hand above angel pictures
・Give a prayer to angels
・Hold angel pictures in your arms
・Draw angel pictures
・Wear angel pictures
・Give someone angel pictures as a gift


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