7 ways to attract love and enjoy fulfilled happiness

7 ways to attract love and enjoy fulfilled happiness

Nothing is happier than being able to love each other with your beloved person forever. In most cases however, you get into a rut after being together for a long time or you feel not motivated toward your partner. Some of you might say you don’t have a partner anyway.

It is too early to give up though! By organizing your thoughts a little and change the way of thinking, there is a possibility of attracting happy love. Here are 7 ways of how. Let’s take a look together and think about yourself once again.

7 ways to attract love and enjoy fulfilled happiness


-Overconfidence is not good, but having no confidence is a problem as well

Being too harsh from the beginning, but both overestimation and underestimation about yourself result from not being able to see and determine yourself objectively. Start from analysing and knowing what you are. What are your advantages and disadvantages?

No one is with only good or bad things. If you can’t organize your thoughts in mind, please write them down on a paper. Before hoping to be accepted by someone, understand and accept by yourself.

By closely looking at your current reality, you can relax naturally and look up. It is the first step to happiness with love.


-Try imagery rehearsal

Negative images and behaviors attract more negative elements. On the contrary, positive images and behaviors attract positie elements.

If you can accept yourself properly, as I mentioned above, you don’t be confused and depressed with your images or act hyper that people around you would back off. Imagine in details about what you want to do, how you want to be, and what if it is accomplished. It is as though you are drawing a design. If you can set up a goal, you just need to think the ways to reach there and put it into actual practice.


-Accept compliments amenably

From images of “I want to be happy in this way”, or “I want to be successful in this way”, you can come up with actual ways of “I should fix this for that” or “let’s change this part”. By actually doing these, your atmosphere will change to better direction.

As a result, relationships with others are inevitably changing. You might have more chances to be complimented. Now, what you should never do here is “to get carried away” and “to put yourself down”.

It is out of question to get carried away and be too excited, but words such as “it is not that big of a deal” or “I’m no good” is too modest. Being decent is good but too much of it becomes obsequiousness. Then what should you do? The asnwer is, to say “Thank you very much!” with a big smile.

Don’t you want to feel happy to be with those who show their true smile rather than those who are discouraged? Smile and words of appreciation attracts more smiles. If you feel happy, please express that feeling amenably.


-Accept good points of others straightforwardly

I’m working as hard, but only that person attracts attention. Other person is successful in a project. Friend got a boyfriend, got married, or delivered a baby. You want to congratulate, and you know you should, but you feel somehow frustrated. Don’t you have such experience?

I can understand that you want to be positive but you feel tiny and powerless for yourself that you get depressed more. It is not bad to have such feeling. You are not cold hearted. Everyone want to be happy, so it is natural to envy someone.

Don’t worry. But you shouldn’t say rumors and complaints deriving from it. The important thing is to always remember to see things objectively. Set aside a feeling of jealous, and accept the good points of others as “that is her good point”, “she was working hard”, or “I have no chance against her in that”. It is much easier than to feel jealous.

In addition, let’s learn from them. Everything you meet in your life is your teacher. Even bad things are negative teacher by bad example. You can progress more.


-”Fancy” and “love” are different

Now finally, let’s talk about love. “Fancy” and “love” both need a partner but “fancy” is an egoistic thought of wanting to be given, and “love” is an altruistic thought of wanting to give. If you just require your partner to do something for you, it will change to complains of “why doen’t he do it to me?”

Are you giving to your partner as much as you are given? Can you wish for his happiness and smiles even if you need to withdraw? It is not natural for your partner to do something for you or to love you.

Put your honest appreciation into words. A word of “thank you” touches his heart. However you quarrel or have different opinions, you can continue your relationship naturally for a long time if you cherish and appreciate your partner from the bottom of your heart.

Of course it can be said to your partner as well. Your feeling toward him, wishing to do something for nothing or love toward him is not a matter of course. Aren’t you treated like it is misunderstood?

A partner who thinks “it is a matter of course for you to do this for me, because we are together” is not truely loving you. Fancy is blind but love is wise. However you are addicted to your partner, don’t lose observing eyes.


-”Happiness” is built by two of you 

Happiness is not built by just one of you making an effort. It is important for both of you to make effort for each other to meet shared goals such as “want to be together forever” or “want to progress together”.

If both of you have such concrete mind and can make effort to be more attractive or to understand each other, then you won’t worry even if you have different hobbies and favorite thigs, or you can’t be together all the time.

Too much jealous or tying him to chain is just a way of converting to him your diffidence and disadvantage of not totally trusting him. Remember that you are just being dependent on him. If you can trust your partner, you can use time more effectively for you and him, even when you are apart.

Who would want to release such a girlfriend, who gets more attractive and progress everytime he meets? Let’s begin with telling your feeling with words and behaviors. Especially “sorry” , “thank you” and “I love you” are magical words to make your love fulfilled.

Then, cherish the time you spend alone each other. You don’t always need to be together. The time to spend alone is as important as the time together. Make effort and be independent each other while imagining your ideal future together. I hope you can progress together with your partner at the same pace.


-”Visible form” is more imporant than you think 

Even if you know in mind, our mind change easily. It’s not surprising that you act cynical and feel down, soon after regreting and deciding to be honest.

“Putting your feeling into visible form” is recommended. It is of course happy to be given by your partner, but find it yourself and wearing it is of course effective as well.

If you are not sure what to select, accessories with gemstones are recommended. There are different effects for each stone, so you can choose with your wish.

It will be a strong charm to hope for spiritual power. It will also insist the sequence of effect by relating happy memories to your item. When you see it → happy memory will be send to your brain → trigger the positive feeling.

Also, you can give yourself an easy implication that “I am wearing a gemstone with this power, so I can do it”. Positive visions will make you feel positive, and attract good luck not only about love. Please try.


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Attracting wonderful love and to continue that love without fading is not a dream. First, try not to be dependent on your partner, and become mentally independent. What is more, the thought to change things in positive ways is important.

If you change the way you think, the thing changes in 180 degrees. When you tripped on the road, it is totally different whether you think “I tripped, how unlucky I am!” or “I was not careful enough. Lucky I could realize before making bigger mistakes. I should be careful today”.

Try to have a habit of thinking positively. Of course, it will make you tired to be always positive, so relax sometime. In addition, put your appreciation and feeling of love into words. Hope you will catch happiness.



7 ways to attract love and enjoy fulfilled happiness

-Overconfidence is not good, but having no confidence is a problem as well
-Try imagery rehearsal
-Accept compliments amenably
-Accept good points pf others straightforwardly
-”Fancy” and “love” are different
-”Happiness” is built by two of you
-”Visible form” is more imporant than you think


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