10 autosuggestions to change future

10 autosuggestions and ways to change future

We are autosuggesting everyday. Some of you are doubtful about this, but we really are.

To begin with, what is autosuggestion? Let’s look up in a dictionary.
“An influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.”
In other words, you believe something that is not true as a true thing. Sounds a bit scary. It means, you are deciding your future by yourself.
If so, we want to make better future as possible.

Here are ways for you to change future!

10 autosuggestions to change future


-Have an image of your ideal future

You might don’t know how your future wants to be. Let’s think in details.
How do you want to live 10 years from now?
Can you imagine a little? If it’s still difficult, imagine 5 or 3 years from now. Have a clear image of how you want to be in future.

Then decide the direction, or otherwise any effort becomes a vain. Imagine your ideal future in detail as possible.


-First thing in a morning, smile to a mirror

Don’t you say “I’m sleepy”, “I’m tired”, “I want to sleep more”, or “I don’t want to go to work” when waking up in a morning?
If you want to change future, this is not what you should do. First, open a window and take in morning light and fresh air. Then smile to a mirror.

You will feel something good will happen. “Laugh and be fat.” Smile is important. Before moaning or complaining, smile first in a morning!

-Talk to yourself
“I have a feeling today’s business meeting won’t turn out good.”
“I have a bad feeling. Today might be a bad day.”

Don’t you say such things? These are also autosuggestions, and negative ones.
If you do, why don’t you talk to yourself of a bright future?

“Today is going to be a good day!”
“I have a feeling that something good will happen!”
“Today’s meeting will be a good one.”

Autosuggest that the future is bright! Talk to yourself about your ideal and bright future.


-Write in a planner

Do you only write schedules in your day planner? What a waste! Write your ideal, enjoyable future in your planner as well.

“The business meeting went smoothly!”
“A small, but good thing happened!”
“Bought what I wanted for cheaper price!”
And so on.

Any small things are OK. You may feel uncomfortable with too big plan, and possibly fail to autosuggest. Start with writing small things.


-Translate in positive way

Thomas Edison has said as follows.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

For him, any invention was not a “failure”, but always a new “success” or “a new finding”.
You might have realized already what this means. Autosuggest yourself “I am continuing to make success”. Doesn’t matter if others think it’s a failure.

Translate in positive way more and more.


-Translate a day into a good day, before going to bed

What do you say before you go to bed?

“I’m tired”?
“Tomorrow is another boring day”?
“Isn’t there something fun?”?

Please quit saying them from today. Instead, say “Today was a good day and tomorrow be another good one”. Say and believe strongly.
Change your day into a good day, and prepare for a good tomorrow before going to bed. This is how to translate into a good day.


-Know your habit

How do you usually behave? In Japanese, there is a saying meaning “everyone has more or less habits”.
It is difficult to recognize own habits, but there are ways to know them.
It is easy. Ask your close colleagues or family “what do you think my habits are?” Knowing your own habits leads to change future.


-Recognize your habit

We just talked about “to know” your habits. Once you understood them, it is important to recognize them. Because they are “habits”, you do them without noticing.
If you want to change habits to change future, you need to recognize your “unawareness”. When you recognize, fix it right away.

The way is simple.
If you have a habit of saying “I am useless”, for example, autosuggest and say “forget what I’ve said. I can do it next time, because I found a wrong way”.


-Do autogenic training

Do you know “autogenic training”? It is the way of autohypnosis studied and made by German psychiatrist J.H. Schultz, and is very effective to ease stress.
If you are thinking to change future, you should be stressed from trying hard to make effort. To overstrain is not always effective. If you feel stress, please try autogenic training and relax.

Here are the steps.
1. Lay down, take deep breaths and relax.
2. Say “my right arm is getting limp and heavy” and feel the heaviness. Do the same for left arm, right leg and left leg.
3. Say “my right arm is getting limp and warm” and feel the warmth. Do the same for left arm, right leg and left leg.
4. Say “my heart is beating calmly” and feel the sounds and beating of your heart.
5. Say “I am breathing slowly” and feel yourself relaxingly breathing.
6. Say “my stomach is getting warm” and feel the warmth.
7. Say “my forehead is feeling cool” and feel the coolness.
8. At the end, take a deep breath.

If you can’t concentrate and say phrases at the same time, record your voice and listen to it as you do the training.
As I said, autogenic training is one of the ways of autohypnosis. Please continue, as if you can do this well the effect of autosuggestion gets better.


-Find the best ceremony

If you have practiced 9 tips I’ve mentioned above, you sure are getting better in autosuggestion and moving toward better future.

At last, I will introduce the best secret. It is “to find the best ceremony”. “Ceremony” sounds something religious and strange, but it is not that special.

No matter how hard you try, habits you had for a long time sometimes appear again without notice. So prepare some ceremony or procedure to switch your feeling.

Anything is OK. Here are some examples.
Take a sip of water
Take deep breaths 3 times
Wash hands
Open windows
The key is to have meanings to each ceremony by autosuggestion, such as “if I take a sip of water, I can say some positive opinions”. And practice them regularly.

The ceremony should be comfortable for you to do. Try many ways and find your best way.


How were my advices?
Are you getting interested in autosuggestion? You don’t need to do all the tips at once, nor don’t need to do them in order from 1 to 10.
Start from what you feel comfortable and fun. Your future should change a year later.



10 autosuggestions to change future

-Have an image of your ideal future
-First thing in a morning, smile to a mirror
-Talk to yourself
-Write in a planner
-Translate in positive way
-Translate a day into a good day, before going to bed
-Know your habit
-Recognize your habit
-Do autogenic training
-Find the best ceremony


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