7 points to find a perfect beauty oil for you

7 points to find a perfect beauty oil for your skinBeauty oil can be used not only for moisturization but also import, massage or cleansing. But on the other hand, some people get pimples or oily skin using the oil.
This is because of the wrong amount of use or the wrong way to put it. Skin can be perfectly moistured by balancing water and oil content. If you lose its balance, it cause the trouble for the skin.
Also, friction due to the scrubbing skin cause the trouble. If your skin condition doesn’t get better after using right amount of oil, maybe the one which you’re using doesn’t suit to your skin type.
So it’s the best to find your perfect oil to use for a long time. So I introduce how to find a perfect beauty oil for your skin.


7 points to find a perfect beauty oil for you


1.Understand your skin type

To find a matched oil, it’s very important to know what your skin type is. If you don’t know it, start surveying your skin type.
There’s a service counter where they check your skin type in most of the department stores in a cosmetic section. You can use it easily but if you feel awkward to visit, then use these self-checking methods below.


2.Supply the less-stimulating oil for a dry skin

For a dry skin type, you’re lacking the oil in the cornifined layer. It won’t improve no matter how much you put the moisturizing lotion or use the beauty mask.
It’s becase your skin needs the cell called collagen cells which fills the gap of the skin. So by using the right beauty oil, it enhances the barrier function of the skin because this cell is fat-soluble.
What you have to be careful is not to cleanse off the needed oil of the skin by washing your face with a cleansing oil which includes the powerful artificial surfactant.
Dry skin is very delicate, so it’s better to choose something natural, BIO including vitamins or minerals.


3.You can’t miss the oil even for a oily skin

Oil skin produces excessed oil when it lacks the water content on the surface of the skin.
It makes worse oily skin if you don’t put an oil or cream after washing your face just because you think you get oily immediately afterward.
A skin which has less water amount is very sensitive for a temperature change so the skin gets confused thus produces more oil.
Surprisingly, only the surface becomes oily. Actually inner skin’s water keeps losing so you have to put the moisturizer otherwise it gets worse.
If you have a oily skin, get the oil with a high oil level. It’ll solve your oily skin problem.


4.Be flexible for a mixed skin

A mixed skin means you have both dryness and stickiness. Easy to get pimples because of the stuck pores in the skin. If you don’t give enough moisture, it loses the water of the skin and in the end, it cause excessed oil production thus it creates the pimples and darkening.
After repeating such conditions, it just gets worse the skin. Anyway your skin is ¨dry¨.
So people who have this skin type, you have to choose the right oil which balance your skin. And you should add where you need to put.
First moisturize well with a lotion then use the oil with a high purity to change your skin type little by little.


5.Don’t be careless even for a normal skin

An ideal skin type is the water and the oil are totally balanced and your skin is elastic and mositurized enough. Even if you don’t have any outstanding skin trouble now, your skin might get trouble due to the seasonal changes or daily tiredness.
If you become lazy to take care of your skin, it might change into a dry or oily skin so to keep the good balanced condition, do the care for the normal skin.
But basically you have a good skin so you don’t have to do too much. It’s enough to use a bit of the simple oil rather than high purity oil.
If you feel a bit dried, then put some oil which includes vitamins. On the other hand if you feel a bit oily, use the coconut oil. But some people get the allergy so try the skin test first then use it.


6.In your 30s, skin care for the future

Once you’re in 30s, your sebum secretion becomes less functional. Thus your skin barrier becomes weaker due to the lack of sebum and the water evaporates so it becomes dry skin.
And the consequence of all the bad behaviors of your 20s will appear on your skin. Current skin care won’t be enough any more. But if you don’t give up and keep trying to improve your skin, you can enhance the skin level in your 40s and 50s.
When you feel that your skin is aged, get an oil with vitamins and minerals that they contain reproduction effects or an oil which contains y-linolenic acid that it balance the female hormones.
Macadamia nuts’ oil is recommended because of its transparency and a fatty acid. Better to choose the transparent and smooth one.


7.In your 40s, the scent is also crucial

In the 40s, you see the result of your efforts of your 30s. It decreases more the sebum secretion also the female hormones and it causes the troubles such as wrinkles, bags under the eyes and pore expansion.
Basically things which you should use in your 30s are still effective. But also rose oil has a high healing effect for both physically and mentally and it improves the blood circulation so that it tighten your skin pore.
Each one has its own speciality so choose the best one. Not only your skin but there’ll be a emotional change. The oil with an aroma oil blended has an effect for the relaxation so spend the comfortable time with your favorite scent.


So, how was that?
Beauty oil is a perfect thing to care all the skin types troubles, but if you don’t use it in a right way, it cause the opposite effects. That’s why to choose your best matched oil is really important.
For all the cases I can say is to choose the high quality one. It’s even better to choose the natural one to avoid the skin troubles.
But with the natural oils, some people gets the allergic reaction or inflamation. Thus it’s essential to check the components or the effects before buying it.
And it’s better to choose the one without the artificial essence so better choose the one with a natural aroma oil inside. Not only for the relaxation, but also it has many effects so get refreshed by your own perfect oil.



7 points to find a perfect beauty oil for you

1.Understand your skin type
2.Supply the less-stimulating oil for a dry skin
3.You can’t miss the oil even for a oily skin
5.Don’t be careless even for a normal skin
6.In your 30s, skin care for the future
7.In your 40s, the scent is also crucial


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