9 tips for romantic birthday messages

9 things to know about writing romantic birthday messages
When we write a birthday card for someone important to us, we wonder a lot what messages will express our feelings to them, and it stops our pen from running. If the card is for someone we don’t have such strong feelings for, it will be done more quickly be writing down words frequented on birthday cards.

But if you’re writing to someone important, someone you hope to become closer to, and if possible, to go official as mutually recognized by calling my girlfriend/my boyfriend, you may want to send such a birthday card that surely express your feelings towards them.

Now, I’m going to tell you about 9 tips on how to use a birthday card to shorten the distance between you and someone you like.


9 tips for romantic birthday messages


Write honestly and carefully

It’s needless to say that you will run out of the writing space if you write in a hassle. A hand made card or a card you bought from a shop, you must have prepared it thinking how it will make the person smile.

Don’t start writing right away, and pre-write on the same sized paper will keep you from making writing errors, and omissions and also it will make the card a well-balanced one remaining just the right amount of spaces.


If it’s your first birthday card for her

If you’re more than friends but less than lovers with the person, you must hope that a card creates an opportunity to go official with them. let’s use just one phrase or word that makes their heart pop. A bouquet will be a perfect addition to the card.

Date xx/ month xx/
I’ve been so nervously waiting for the day to come.
to celebrate your birthday with you.
Congratulations. A memorial day for my significant, you
It’s a small bouquet but with 26280 hours of time I’ve spent thinking of you (or waiting for you”) I’m giving it to you.

Notes: 26280 hours means a 3 year gap in age.(365 days*24 hours*3 years…you may want to calculate to find out the time gap between your birthday and his/her birthday, it will be interesting.)


If you want to change the prolonged friendly relationships with her

You know all the good and bad things about each other, but that doesn’t make you want to date others. The fact your relationship is stable in spite of the occasional quarrels must mean you get on with her very well.

You’re usually connected with them by mails and LINE, but the relationship is slightly in a rut. To such person, it will be effective to take an action that makes them think “what happened?” It’s an idea to take a plunge and send a birthday card to them by mail on their birthday, without emailing or no calling them.

There is a word “Snail Mail” created competing against email. (Snail mail means literally “a mail a snail brings”. It may sound a little indirect but, means the letters and cards sent by postmen.

Imagine how it pops your heart when there is a birthday card for you when you open the post box.

Even the card is for a person you’ve been together for long, it doesn’t mean the quicker the better. Make sure the card arrives in the post on his/her birth day. In the card, all you have to do is write down your thoughts honestly.


If there is no progress between you and her even though the feelings are shared mutually

Isn’t the person you like a type that’s not too fond of overly expressions, and slow to take steps in romantic relationships?

They say love is blind but, to the kind of person, saying words that would set their teeth to edge should be avoided. For example, it wouldn’t bode well for the relationship, if you start writing by: To someone who is just as beautiful as a rose.

It will only trigger a forced smile of the person, who is realistic and cynical and put a period to the relationship. So, let’s use a slightly romantic phrase followed after congratulating them on their birthday.“ You may not realize, but your long eyelashes give me butterflies in the stomach.” Choose only one charm point of the person and write it down.

If they ask you “what does it mean?”, reply, “ I desire to hold you, when your eye lashes tremble, I feel anxious. But my feelings are,, it’s as if I have butterflies in the stomach”.

It will melt their hearts unless they’re made of ice. To those types that wait around, such wards like fire to melt ices are needed to use.


If it seems like, the person is not much interested in you.

It could be just a pretended act to show they’re not interested in you, let’s draw her feelings to you! Seek a present would please her in usual conversations with her.

Make messages for a birthday card simple, “Happy birthday, I like to see your smile when holding these piercings to close to your ears.” If she receives it and smiles immediately, it means, you have a chance with her.

Don’t be disappointed if she frowns, though. You’ve just opened up a conversation with her, let’s keep it going by saying, “ Remember? At that time, at that shop.” The most important thing is not to give it up.


If you feel she is falling out of love with you.

Your feelings for her are still stable though…what will be the best way to send the message to her? If you become too persistent with them, it will drive her away.  Like romantic relationships are often compared to sea saw playing, even relationships based on mutual feelings can swing one side from another, according to the moods.

It can be that she’s fallen in love with someone else, at such time, you may want to be straight forward with them in telling your feelings, rather than worrying alone. The important thing here, is to tell her briefly. You don’t like her to think of you as a stalker by sticking to her.

Congratulations, you as Halley’s comet, the only one thing on my planet, what time will make it closest to me? Would you secretly give me a hint to make an orbital adjustment on your precious anniversary day?


If you want to know her answer immediately

Being impatient, you must hurry to know the result of your written oracle while making your first visit to the shrine. Let’s directly express your feelings in the birthday card.

It will be too much to propose all of a sudden but “Let me book your birthday that’s 365 days ahead, I beg you to say “Yes”.


If you’re stuck in a groove with her

Let’s write birthday messages that activate the relationship and aim for goal!

On your birthday, send a birthday card in which the following is written” I like to promise one thing. so give me one goal to see what I’m capable of doing for you. “

And if she gives you a goal by mails or orally, reply to her by saying “ I will do my best to achieve it. give me another goal, and if possible, can I also ask you just one favor?”

“What is it?” if she plies, tell her to come to such and a such place immediately and give a mail indicating a time and a place, head to the place with a ring, you prepared for the day, in your head and propose her.


If you’re in a mutual relationship with her

You and she are officially lovers that are deeply in love with each other. A birthday card might not be necessary in this case. But it will make her happy if you do. How about writing a birthday message that can be treasured for ever

It’s a message that brings tear to her eyes even reading back years later. As it’s clear she likes you back, it could be written together. You may want to put the dating spots, and foods you had with her, and also the photographs and those sticker photos you took at photo making machines below the message, that read,

“ Dear xxx, congratulations on your XX th birthday. I’m so happy that I can spend the day with you.”

It would be also fun to decorate the wall with the car once you’ve started living with her
One thing to be careful is not to write anything negative on the card.


How was the article? Birthday cards give you a great chance to express your feelings and develop the relationships that seem to remain as far apart as ever.
Writing messages absorbed only in your thoughts will drive her away, and also shrink the flower of love.


9 tips for romantic birthday messages

l  Write honestly and carefully
l  If it’s your first birthday card for her
l  If you want to change the prolonged friendly relationships with her
l  If there is no progress between you and her even though the feelings are shared mutually
l  If it seems like, the person is not much interested in you.
l  If you feel she is falling out of love with you.
l  If you want to know her answer immediately
l  If you’re stuck in a groove with her
l  If you’re in a mutual relationship with her


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