7 birthday messages to make her cry with joy

7 birthday messages to make woman cry with a joy

Birthday is just once a year so you should give beautiful words. Try to tell your appreciation or love as a birthday message. Presents or surprising events are also wonderful, but why not a message with your heart? It’s gonna be a good memory.

But it’s difficult to tell your feelings in a word. If you’re the person who’s good at telling what you should say, then better write a letter with your expressing skill. But if you’re shy person, you don’t have to worry.

For women, they feel happier when they know that you think a lot to write a message. Your heart will be surely delivered even if a message is simple.

There’s some ways to tell your message such as e-mail, letter or message card etc. Please refer these tips and try to make a message with your own words.


7 birthday messages to make her cry with joy


1.Simple but memorable message

You might feel awkward to write a message, but even if it’s just one sentence, it gets to her heart. Especially the birthday card is often well designed so it could be just one simple sentence.

Simple sentences such as daily appreciation, future promise or just what you’re feeling now are effective to write. Direct and short sentence has a huge impact that anyone gets touched.

¨Dear xxx, Happy birthday. I truly appreciate that we have met.¨

¨xxx, Happy birthday. Let’s stay together now and forever.¨


2.Message using an event or a calendar

It definitely gets to her heart if you write a message mentioning your memorable events. Any woman appreciate when a man remember their special events or days.

One of the way is to write something like ¨Since we’ve met in 2004…¨. If you guys are married, every few years have a name for that. For example, 15 years of marriage is called Crystal marriage so that you can give a crystal with a message.

¨Happy birthday! Xxx, this birthday is the 12th birthday since we started living together. Celebrating our Silk marriage, I give you a silk scarf. May our love last as a smooth silk forever.¨


3.Message with your private episode

Women get happier to see the special gift which is only for you, not something banal.
It’s effective to put your private episode in a gift or something which both of you like very much.
If you two met through a common hobby, send something regarding your hobby. If she is working hard on something, say something to cheer her up.

¨xxx, Happy birthday. I’ve met you through a hiking club. Let’s walk together forever going to the mountains watching the beautiful view.¨
¨Happy birthday! I’m often encouraged by you working so hard for your goal. I’m supporting and wishing your success more than anybody else. Don’t work too

hard, rely on me sometimes.¨


4.Message using a birthday flower

A year with 365 days, each day has a birthday flower. So it’s touching to reserach her birthday flower and give a message with her birthday flower.

It’s also nice to give a basic fabulous flower but a birthday flower makes her birthday into a special one. And a birthday flower is always suitable for the season. Sometimes there’s a simple flower or weird plant but it can be a gorgeous gift to choose the one with the birthday flower.

¨xxx, Happy birthday. A birthday flower of 9th May is clematis. I chose a pale purple clematis which suits you. It has a elegant atmosphere just like you.¨


5.Message from the language of flowers

You can also choose a flower from the language of flowers. Each flower has it’s own meaning, so give a message with a suitable flower with the meaning.

For example, to the pure, innocent and lovely woman, you can give a pale orange rose. Or if you wanna tell your love to her, choose a pink tulip that it means ¨True love¨.

It’s effective to write a message why you chose that flower.
¨Happy birthday! I give you a bouquet of Iris for your birthday. Its meaning is ¨I cherish you¨. It put my heart in it.


6.Message using a birthday stone

I assume many people give an accessory with a beautiful stone for a birthday present. Every month’s birthday stone is well known such as a garnet for January, an amethyst for February etc…

Not many people know, but actually each day has a birthday stone too so it’s nice to research her birthday stone. As a flower has a meaning, a stone also has a meaning so it’s effective to include it in your message.

Each kind of stones has a character and many of them are shining and beautiful so any women love it.

¨xxx, Happy birthday. Let me give you a ring with a green tourmaline which is a birthday stone for 8th January. It’s known as a stone which power up your inner beauty. May your attraction shines more!¨


7.Message with a gift

Not only a flower or a stone, but also any birthday presents gives your message to her.

It’s already nice enough to give a gift, but if it’s with a sincere message, it’ll be remembered more.
Just tell with a message how you put your heart in this gift.

It might have some reasons such as you thought about her taste or it seemed so good on her etc. She will be happy to know that you worked a lot for it.

¨Happy birthday. Let me give you a watch for your birthday. The one which you fell in love with when we went out for a date last month. Let’s spend the same time together from now onward.¨


So, how was that?
I’ve introduced some ways but each way has a common thing which is to think about her first. No matter how much you wanna make her happy, if you choose the egoistic way, it won’t get to her heart.
There’s many kinds of messages from a simple one to a fully detailed one. You have to consider a lot as well as when you choose a present thinking about her taste.
Some women cry for a surprising situation, but some women prefer just simple and direct words. So you need to think what your girl prefers.
You might succeed making her cry if your gift and message totally suit her. So using these ways, try to produce your own words.



7 birthday messages to make her cry with joy

1.Simple but memorable message
2.Message using an event or a calendar
3.Message with your private episode
4.Message using a birthday flower
5.Message from the language of flowers
6.Message using a birthday stone
7.Message with a gift


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