Blood type O personality and behavior!


Let’s check blood type O personality and behavior pattern!
Don’t you think out personality depends on blood types? We know it is just mistaken belief, but you get into listening to talks about blood types. Let’s organize and know the personality of each blood type! It can be used for small talks or used as a tool of communication. So let’s start.

Blood type AB personality and behavior!


Confident man

Many people of blood type O are conscientious, have goals to aim, and keep making an effort to accomplish them. They have strong mentality to do so and therefore confident for themselves.
They sometimes lack planning, but strong enough to go for their goals by adapting to circumstances.

However they are confident and don’t mind making efforts, they sometimes look down to people who look lazy or weak.


Have an ambitious spirit

As I said earlier, blood type O personality can keep making an effort, and therefore they often have ambitious spirit.

They are not satisfied with present situation, or leaving things unfinished.
They are also serious about games or winning and losing, and work desperately to get a good “result”.
Therefore they get tremendously depressed for losing or not getting expected result.

We can’t avoid failures in our life. If they can learn new points of view or directionality, blood type O people can become more attractive.
They can find new goals and can enjoy making for them.


Do all they can do for others

Blood type O people are cheerful and devoted, value relationship with people.

They can talk honestly to everybody and have wide relation among friends, seniors and juniors. Sociableness is one of their charms.
Also they have a deep insight and don’t mind for a bit of disadvantages if they can make others happy.

They don’t mind doing miscellaneous affairs such as taking care of juniors, so many people love and gather around them.


Romantic and idealistic

Blood type O people are innocent and seeking for ideals and dreams.

They can be said as idealistic, chasing after their ideals.
They are emotional, and often feel sympathy for people and things, and sometimes they go headlong with just their emotions.
They are kind to others, and also to animals and plants, so many of them live beautiful life with their pets or growing plants as hobby.

If you ask them for a date, plan something classical. They are romantic that they feel touched by such plans.


Have strength to enjoy even adversity

Blood type O people have characteristic of feeling passionate for adversity and obstacles.
In matters of love, they love to chase rather than being chased after.
If you want to get attention of them, don’t be always aggressive but sometimes be hesitant.
They have strength to appeal themselves until being succeeded in love. Some of them would feel impeded by your hesitation, while some would lose idea of what to do.

They are idealistic and yet realistic, so they are likely to draw back once they decide to do so.
Because blood type O people are devoted and possessive type, those who have a strong wish of being loved can be a best partner with blood type O person.


Sometimes value to be conscientious and prudent

Blood type O people have a character of being prudent. It seems opposite from being idealistic, but being both is what their personality is.

They enjoy simplicity rather than luxury, and they are good at taking care of others and often love those who bring out their motherly instinct. They don’t like detailed and complicated matters, so romance with them would be very simple.


Did you like it? It is just a blood type, but more than a blood type. I think more than half of listed are true. Please check blood types of people around you.


Summary of blood type O personality

Confident man
Have an ambitious spirit
Do all they can do for others
Romantic and idealistic
Have strength to enjoy even adversity
Sometimes value to be conscientious and prudent


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