7 tips to cope with blood type O personality

7 methods to get along with blood type O personality

What kind of image do you have about blood type O? Many people may think he lives at tolerant, his own pace, generally leisurely. However, the “leisurely” posture seems be reflected as “boorishness” adversely.

Because many people are not fussy about the small part of things, I think many people are companionable. But they may be seen as “boorishness” by the person of the type to notice small things.
In addition, they may have an impression of “boorishness” more and more because they are tolerant and do not mind small things, and because many people speak relatively straight people.

Regarding such controversial type O, I will tell you what kind of personality the people have on earth and how you should associate with them.

7 tips to cope with blood type O personality


Know the basic personality (positive aspect)

Many people of the blood type O are boss persons because they are persons of deep humanity who cannot hide themselves from troubled people.
In addition they have strong camaraderie and steady-hand, which is called a leader temperament to lead people around.

They have simple personality that dislikes injustice and cheats with the sense of justice.
They have the one side like the righteous hero putting up a fight against strong persons in order to protect weak persons.
And, they tend to be going to do their best more and more if they are expected by people around.

Such personalities make them trusted by people around all the time.
They have tolerance not to be fussy about small things, and are not worried about failures in the past forever.

They are always brightly and optimistic any time, and tolerant to failures of another person.
Therefore it may be said that the persons of blood type O provide a feeling of safety to you.

And the type O is realistic. Of course they have a face of a romanticist like other people, but emphasizes the objective truth with realistic thought circuits.
Because they hate to lose, they do not neglect the effort correspondingly.

They have strong guts not to feel down for so small a matter. They believe that they can take care of some difficulty and rarely fall by the wayside. On the contrary, they have a side to feel motivated when they are said that it is impossible.

They have the personality truthful and approachable and charms to attract people. They are the type of having a lot of friends because they are good at finding the good point of the partner.


Understand basic personality (negative aspect)

The blood type O is a confident person in a good meaning, but it means bad according to time and circumstances. They are easy to take a selfish action to feel confident. They are apt to control people and to make a partner move high-handedly according to their wishes.

The type O is full of confidence and always has stateliness
They are not good at rejecting people’s requests and often regret undertaking things more than their ability.

In addition, they are temperamental persons, and twist people around so as to have extreme mood swings. Therefore they are sometimes disgusted.

Their likes and dislikes are clear. They are the type of having a lot of enemy so as not to hide the manner of “dislike” for the person they dislike.


Know the tendency to love (woman)

It is said that he blood type O woman has realism.
However, with respect to love, many people who are a romanticist, and have a longing for dramatic love more than other people.

They are deep into love earlier and continue yearning a partner with all their heart after they love the partner once.
However, because the original personality is like reservation, they rarely charge ahead with passion and are the type that is in love with constant moderation.
Although they are conservative, their acting power is outstanding and they are good at approaching also.

We can say they have the high probability to capture the affection of a person in mind. The type O dislikes cheating and never allow a partner to do it because of having possession as much as affection.

The type O comes to be deeply dedicated to a significant other because they are accommodating when they begin relationship.
The intentness is good at first, but they should pay attention to it because they may receive “it is heavy” in the long relationship.
The type O deeply attaches to a partner as much as he thinks “it is heavy,” but if they dislike him just in an opportunity, they have an extreme side to care so much all about him and dislike him so fast.

And, they seem to be often troubled with he gap between an ideal and a reality particularly in their youth because they are apt to dream.
But the type O woman improves her charm with age and love experience, and is the person who can mature into an adult woman.

They come to be able to be in wonderful love each time they are in love. They have a lot of love experience but they will become obedient to commit their lives if the person who they want to marry appears in front of them.


Know the tendency to love (man)

The blood type O man is honest at any rate.
They express their loves straight as soon as they think “I like this person!” and fall into a partner earnestly.
They express their loves openly and squarely, and they make advances toward a partner earnestly without thinking about limits until she turns around.

They are a type to burn as much as they have an obstacle between a partner because they tend to like a dramatic love. Because they have a very manly aspect and can presume on a woman’s goodwill well, they have the high probability to persuade the partner who they take aim at.

However they have a slightly self-satisfied part, and they get all fired up among themselves and often put the feeling of the partner on the back-burner.
Therefore they are apt to be had exercise of caution.

They approximately do not reflect on their manners in such a case and trend to give a selfish conclusion as saying “my approach is not enough.” They are very diligent and overwhelming until a partner turns around, but if she turns around, they changes their manners immediately and appear a part of the type O-type as laziness. Although they dislike a partner, they come to feel relieved when they are in love each other.

[However, they are sensitive to the relationships of their loves because they are considerably jealous. They look to be selfish, but you can have a good and honest relationship to them without some tactics because they have a plain personality. And they are the partner who is most suitable for a woman to want to depend on his goodwill because they have the feeling of “Follow me” like a man.


What is the sense of money?

As for the type O, it is said that their sense of money is superior. In four blood types, the money ability of the type O is outstanding. Because they think in a realistic way, they think it natural to save money and show superior ability on a money management side. Many people plug away at saving from their young age relatively, and we can say that many people succeed in a stock, an investment trust, real estate and money management.

And, they do not regret money in a gathering site because they are genuinely boss temperament. Therefore they look to be indifferent to money, but they are shrewd really to calculate plus or minus well.

They originally have a tolerant personality, but they are uptight about a money matter.
In the case of the type O man, few people are the type to let their wives grasp the string of a wallet even if they marry and they trend to be a husband grasping it by themselves. They do not spare the expenditure for valuable things on a social level, but rarely do luxury at home and they are a thrifty person plugging away at saving. They are loved by people because they are not narrow-minded at all.


Image the marriage of the type O woman

It is said that the type O woman trends to become the perfect picture of “a good wife and a wise mother” when she marries.

Because she has a reliable sense of economy and likes steadfastness as being really quite down-to-earth, she will manages the salary of her husband properly and plugs away at saving. Regarding child rearing, she is strict and enthusiastic about education. Because she is originally a boss person, she has good relations with neighbors and comes to be relied by housewives.

[Because she has a frank personality, she rarely is distressed by contacting with her relatives and can get on together with the family of her partner like real parents, children and brothers.


Image the marriage of the type O man

The type O man has a strong sense of justice.
When he marries, he becomes a dignified father as a family breadwinner as if he is a Japanese father of a decade ago.

However, he does not say a child and a house persistently.
He will build a warm family and give consideration to it. He works hard and can spend the substantial life if he has the stability of a family with a happy married life.
If he cannot keep a happy life with his family conversely, he will be apt to look to the outside than to try to fix it somehow.

He goes out to such behavior as he is going to divorce or have a relationship with another woman. When such an egocentric side appears, it is difficult to make modifications very much.
When you marry the type O man, it is important above all to build a bright and peaceful family.

[In the beginning I told you “the type O may be seen as boorishness.” You looked at seven personalities mentioned above, and how do you think? It is sure that the type O looks to have a slightly egocentric part. Do you think such their selfish behavior only occasionally appears on the surface simply because they are a honest person?

Even if the type O is egocentric and boorish, they are obedient, honest and soft-hearted. When you face the type O with your obedient feeling and sincerely tell “I think that you should correct such your point,” they must understand you.

It is backbitten what is above all disliked by the type O with a strong sense of justice.

[You clash and fight tother openly and squarely.
You repeat such things, and may be able to build a relationship of mutual trust with the type O.



7 tips to cope with blood type O personality

・Know the basic personality (positive aspect)
・Understand basic personality (negative aspect)
・Know the tendency to love (woman)
・Know the tendency to love (man)
・What is the sense of money?
・Image the marriage of the type O woman like this
・Image the marriage of the type O man like this


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