Characteristics by blood type personality


Characteristics by blood type personality

Personalities really differ from blood types. We know that people cannot be divided in just 4 patterns, but we can’t ignore “patterns of blood types”. Especially in matters of love, both good and bad aspects become obvious. Here are summary of behavior of each blood type.

There are differences among individual, so not everything are true to everybody, but this can be a reference to understand behavior and way of thinking of others. Read it thoroughly and think about whom you are interested in.

Characteristics by blood type personality


Let’s start with blood type A, the most popular among Japanese people.

☆Personality of blood type A

○Kind to others

★Secret personality of blood type A

  • Good at maintain a façade, but possibly complaining in mind
  • Sometimes being too picky and end up in criticizing others
  • Distressed with past, such as lost love
  • Hysteric
  • Weak of hierarchical relation and power

   People with blood type A are often said very earnest and care about details. They have their ways to organize papers and shelves, and if you see an organized person you may think of him/her a blood type A.

However, their sensitivity and earnestness sometimes become negative aspects and annoy others. Be hard on self, and be hard on others, maybe is a basic personality of blood type A.


☆Personality of blood type B

○Do things at their own pace
○Optimistic, and won’t get indecisive
○Friendly, open up mind to anyone
○Don’t like to be lonely
○Flexible thinker, see things in multiple ways
○Won’t linger lost love

★Secret personality of blood type B

  • Too kind and used by others
  • Easy to get lazy
  • Often make unforced mistakes form carelessness
  • Insensitive
  • Can corrupt themselves by devoting too much gambling

    People of blood type B are often said as rough and doing things at their own pace, and therefore difficult to get along. It sounds like you don’t want to get close to them, but putting in positive words, they are easygoing and large-minded to accept everything. It can be said to all types that there is always good and bad sides. 


☆Personality of blood type AB

○Have idealism, with high ideals and will to go after them
○High spirits and
○Can see things calmly
○Have sensitivity
○Distinct private and public, and value private
○Don’t stick to love

★Secret personality of blood type AB

  • Giver-upper, leaving things unfinished
  • Indecisive, affected by someone’s decision
  • Sometimes being selfish
  • Have a cynical point of view
  • Sometimes tell perfect lies?

   General image of blood type AB is that they have persistency and have unique character. Their persistency comes not from crankiness but from pursuing their ideals. It seems “persistence” to people around them. They have a quick mind which sometimes becomes sarcasm.  


☆Personality of blood type O 

○Down-to-earth, realistic thinker
○Uptight about money matter, have precise sense of economy
○Have gustiness and thrive on adversity

★Secret personality of blood type O 

  • Have a possessive nature
  • Straightforward and simplistic
  • Weak of hierarchical relation and power
  • Weak of tense situation
  • Conservative and bigotry

People of blood type O are usually said to be easy to get along with everybody. That is maybe because they are devoted and down-to-earth. However, their social dexterity can result in changing their opinion along with power, or their action is limited by caring too much about public image. Moderation is always a key to everything.


Above were the characteristics of each blood type. Did you like them?

Fortune-telling with blood type is just a “tendency”, and it is better to know someone’s personality by their environment, horoscope, fortune-telling with names, and combine results and make a presumption. Also the best thing is to actually communicate with them and know them by yourself! It is fun to compare the result of fortune-telling and what you actually felt, and makes easier to understand them. Please make a good use of blood type fortune-telling in the relationship with others.


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