7 to be careful when you dream of snakes

7 things to be really careful when you dream of snakes

Have you dreamt about snake recently? Generally we find something positive in the dream of snakes. Have you ever heard something like..if you dream of the white snake, you’ll be rich? Indeed, white snake symbolizes the familiar of the God which brings a good luck. But not only having a holy impression, snake often symbolizes the unhappiness so it has both good and bad meanings in the oneirocriticism. Now, I’ll explain to you the risk that the dream is trying to tell you.
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8 attentions on a dream of heartbreak

Oneiromancy! 8 attentions on a dream of heartbreakAnyone does not want to get heartbreak. Besides, it feels bad on awakening to have the dream of such a heartbreak. The bitter story is unpleasant though it is a dream, but it is one of the tools of the fortune-telling that a dream gives a suggestion.
The meaning seems to change by a partner and a situation though it is the dream of heartbreak.
What does a dream of heartbreak mean? I will introduce the meanings and careful matters in the oneiromancy.

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7 happened events after a dream of fire

7 events which really happened after a dream of fireIt is an “oneiromancy” to predict your desire and your future on the base of the thing and the person or the situation that came out in a dream.
Today I will introduce the events that actually happened after having had the “dream of fire.”
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Remove delusion and concentrate in 7 steps

Remove delusion and concentrate in 7 steps “I have things to do, but wandering…”
“I need to finish this but other things are bothering me and can’t concentrate!”
“I can’t focus…many things come to my mind.”
Don’t you feel like this? If you have many things to do, feel uneasy or worry about, you can’t concentrate on what’s in front of you.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to concentrate.
“It can be more efficient and I can refresh if I can concentrate.”
“I want to quit, it’s no use to worry about everything.”
“Why do I wander so much? I want to do something with it.”
You might think so.

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