7 methods to save twice as much money with money spell

7 methods to save twice as much money with money spellWhat is “a spell”? For example, it is said that you untie strain when you write the letter of the person on the palm three times before the turn of the presentation, and pretend to swallow it. When you want to grant a wish, there is an image such as the turning to God to help, but this is the condition to give suggestion to yourself.

God may grant a wish when you introduce a spell, make an effort by yourself properly and accept the effort. Let me introduce money spells with which you draw your luck of money here. You can aim at twice or 3 times more than you think.
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9 colors of feng shui to improve fortune luck

Be rich! 9 colors of feng shui to improve fortune luckAlthough it is said money is not necessary if there is even love, but one of the means to an end is actually necessary. Although you do not need it in excess (no, you actually want it), you may say that more is better or that you are delighted to get it as much as possible.

Then why not improve your luck in money with the help of the power of feng shui? Today I will introduce the color useful for your wallet and tell just a knack.

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9 methods to be lucky with wallet color by feng shui

9 methods to be lucky with wallet color by feng shui
What kind of wallet do you use today?
“I want to increase my luck in money.”
“I want a good fortune.”
You may say so. Don’t you review your wallet once?

Your wallet may be the nearest existence to control your luck in money and your fortune. You may understand there is an interesting thing when you look at the relation between a wallet and feng shui.
If your wallet lowers your luck in money and your fortune while you do not know, it will be a serious problem.
If you understand the meaning of the color and keep it in mind to choose a wallet, your luck in money surely will improve.

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7 ways to be fine by feng shui door color

7 methods to recuperate with door color by feng shui

7 methods to recuperate with door color by feng shui

You feel heavy in both the body and the heart recently. You do not just feel uplifteded. You don not have even a sign of looking upward. You may be distressed by these. The good fortune and the bad one appears alternately. You will get out of the confused heart eventually. However, you do not wait for the uncertain time without clarifying when it comes but take in feng shui for your life, and why not change the flow of vital energy aggressively?

Today I will introduce the doormat having a meaning of “removing bad vital energy.” You can remove the negative fortune with changing colors to match the orientation. At first, please try to check which direction your entrance faces in the viewing location of the center of your house.

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9 tips on how to make the most use of your pink wallet

9 tips to use pink wallet effectively

Have you ever heard that longevity of wallets is 1,000 days?

I didn’t quite believe in Chinese geomancy before, I used a tattered wallet, the family Budget was also in tatters and it was just when I had a fateful encounter. I fell in love with a “Pink Wallet” at the first sight, and I just had to buy it. I took a plunge as the wallet was quite pricey for me.

But from that moment on, my husband got a payment rise and as the consequent, increased our family budget. We also started getting prizes one after another. I felt things have started looking up for us.

Here are the 9 things I did with my pink wallet.

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