7 steps for cat eyes make-up to be popular

7 steps for cat eyes make-up, and make you popularThere are many celebrities with cat eyes, and many girls yearn for them. Recently, “imitation make-up” which you can imitate faces of famous people without cosmetic surgery is getting popular in Japan. According to Zawa-chin, one of the famous imitation make-up artists, everyone can easily have cat eyes using make-up techniques.

Eyes are the most important part of our faces, so by learning eye make-up techniques you can have your desired look. You sure will become popular! So here are 7 secret techniques to create cat eyes make-up, learned from professional make-up artist.

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7 tips for drooping eyes by cat eyes make-up

7 tips to make drooping eyes to cat eyes make-upDrooping eyes have soft and kind image. Very feminine and cute, but you sometimes want to change the way you look.

Cat eyes make-up is popular among celebrities. Try sweet little devil eyes make-up and be a bit more sexy than usual. There are easy tips for drooping eyes to be cat eyes! Don’t you want to try?

Here are 7 tips to make “drooping cat eyes”, popular even among magazines! You might become popular as well.

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7 habits to be popular for woman seeking man

7 habits to be a popular woman, for woman seeking man to trySome are with ordinary appearance (or not so good), but always have a boyfriend. On the other hand, some are very beautiful but not popular. Why? This is a mystery. Have you ever thought why you can’t be popular? And why she is? Popular women have some habits to be popular. The reason for their popularity is not because they are cute, beautiful, or have a good figure.

Learn habits to be attractive and be popular. Maybe you can be one of them from today.

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