10 autosuggestions to change future

10 autosuggestions and ways to change future

We are autosuggesting everyday. Some of you are doubtful about this, but we really are.

To begin with, what is autosuggestion? Let’s look up in a dictionary.
“An influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.”
In other words, you believe something that is not true as a true thing. Sounds a bit scary. It means, you are deciding your future by yourself.
If so, we want to make better future as possible.

Here are ways for you to change future!

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9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

Inspiration is a sudden stroke of thought when you try to do something. “Instinct” and “the sixth sense” are similar words, but they mean a little different. “The sixth sense” is a feeling that we are born with, same as a sense of taste or smell.

Inspiration seems important only for artists, but small findings and twists in our everyday life also come from inspiration. Don’t leave things you can’t do, and think of better ways to accomplish or make things better with inspiration.

Here are ways to live bright days with such inspiration.

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9 ways to be what you want to be by affirmation

9 ways to be what you want to be with appropriate affirmation

Do you know “affirmation”? In other words, it is a “profession to yourself”.
For example, if you tell yourself everyday that you are recovering from illness, your mind (subconscious) will change and you will actually get well.

It is just words, but more than words! Either good or bad, affirmation has great effects on our subconscious. Let’s take a look at 9 ways to become what you want to be, using affirmation in appropriate way.

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