Fantastic meanings☆7 legends of tulips about love

Fantastic meanings☆7 legends of tulips about love

Tulips are the popular flowers loved by many people, but most of them don’t know the country of origin and tradition about tulips.

Although tulips are usually associated to the Netherlands, the origin is said from Central Asia to Mediterranean littoral. In palaces and harems of Turkish Empire, a lot of tulips had been planted.

They were translated to Europe in late sixteen century.

Their lovely looks had attracted Dutch and tulips had spread throughout the world fast. The historically famous Tulip mania took place, and the government had regulated tulips as the target of speculation.

While tulips had been spreading, legends about them had been originated around the world. I’ll introduce the legends about love with meanings of tulips this time. Let’s look dramatic stories.
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You come to want passionate love by “Iris meaning”

You come to want passionate love by "Iris meaning"

Iris is known as “Ayame” by Japanese is meaning “rainbow” in greece.

The first characteristic of The iris has dignified appearance by at one of them.
It is said that it was named by the name of the goddess of the ancient Greece.

And furthermore, Cleary delicate fragrance brings out the beauty of the iris.

Refreshing fragrance lets us feel the taste of Japan is easy to be familiar Japanese.
Famous perfume made the ukiyoe print “Ayame” a motif.

Fascinating flower Iris has many useful flower language when someone fall in love.

You know profundity of the lovery iris by knowing Language of flowers.

Let`s check Iris meaning out!
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Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words

Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words

It is an encounter and a parting season to leave for the new environment in spring. The new encounter is a thing full of the hope that enlarges the world of own that before, but the parting with the person who after all is close is lonely.

There will be the person who possibly seem to be crushed … which may not already meet by such an uneasiness who does not know when you can meet again next.

However, how about without being pessimistic about the goodbye with an only lacking thing when I do it at an opportunity to convey the feeling of conventional thought and thanks? In one without own which is introduced a feeling into well, it is recommended to entrust flower language with the thought.

A true feeling may reach it a person to give floral art than direct words towards the other party.

I want to introduce a flower and the flower language appropriate for the goodbye to give for graduation this time.

Seven flowers appropriate for the goodbye that I want to hand to graduation and moving.
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7 methods for having happy life using Magnolia meaning

7 methods for having happy life using Magnolia meaning

When I see the flowers of Magnolia at the beginning of Spring, I feel “Spring has come” every year.

Actually Magnolia blooms earlier than Cherry、so truly it doesn’t flower at exact Spring season. But Magnolia’s buds are growing at the time, I can realize “ the outside is getting lighter than before when I am on my way home after working”

So I feel something Spring at surroundings a little bit at a time.

The flowers and trees of Magnolia grow big enough, you can see those from distance. When I see that residents plant Magnolia at their garden, I have always felt envy.

Because they can observe Spring is coming. Magnolia composes to people and holds them gently . It has the language of flowers.

What is the Magnolia meaning? If you know it, you look forward to coming Spring.

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7 money spells that rich people might have tried

7 money spells that rich people might have tried“Love is all you need” is a famous saying, but you can’t live without a minimum amount of money even if you have love. You shouldn’t get too greedy, but it’s natural to wish for more money. Then why don’t you try some money spells? I’ll introduce you some easy spells, as well as more full-fledged ones.

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