7 methods to be happy by subconsciousness

7 methods to be happy using your subconsciousness
Are you using your subconsciousness to good advantage? Many people may not be sure what subconscious is. To put it simply, it is a hidden mind that you don’t be aware of it.

If you use it well, it will warn you danger in advance and will tell you your true desire, and will improve your self-consciousness. Today, I’ll tell you how to make full use of it.

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5 uses for color therapy to make life happy

5 uses for color therapy to makei life happy

Make your daily life more active with color therapy! The world is full of colors. They are designed for psychological effects in your familiar places. The most typical examples are signs and logos. For example, a sign of emergency stairs is green. It is because seeing red fire makes color-vision unnatural temporarily. Green is a complementary color of red, and it helps us to ease the trouble and to escape from there.
Another case is an operation gown. It is green to prevent from a temporary disorder in color-vision that the color of blood causes. Display windows and interiors of shops use effects of colors too.
In department stores, it is for encouraging the desire to buy. In restaurants, it is for stimulating the appetite.
They are all application of color therapy. It means color therapy knowledge is useful to relax or get in condition in the daily life. Then today I’ll tell you some simple uses for color therapy.

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7 steps to encourage yourself by affirmation

7 steps to encourage your mind with affirmation
Do you know affirmation? It means “affirming oneself” or “recognizing oneself.” Most people think that is speaking to oneself or repeating words like “I want…,” “I wish…,” or detect something with saying “… is ….” The most effective affirmation is to say grateful or positive words to yourself with emotions and senses, it is not only to say affirmative words. In case you have no idea how to do that, I’ll tell you how to do affirmation and steps to encourage yourself. [Read more…]

What you can’t react to negative thoughts

What you can do not to react to negative thoughts

In the daily life, various things influence us. Negative thoughts are especially contagious. You may get offended with them, but you should not react to them as much as possible. [Read more…]

Start to enrich your life with the law of attraction

Enrich your life with the law of attraction

In Japan, most people think that spiritual things and business are at opposite side. Spiritual things satisfy personal interest. On the other hand, business is a real way to earn money. People assume that they are completely different. However, in the US (the country I live), best selling writers and successful millionaires admit the spiritual point of view positively. They think that it is a means to get the life they dreamed.

Brian Tracy, the world-famous success coach, meditates everyday and hears the true desire of his heart. [Read more…]