9 relation tips knowing personality by color

9 methods for a relation knowing personality with color What is your favorite color? What color of the clothes you are wearing today?
With wearing clothes of colors to match your theme color or the heart of TPO for the day, you can become healthy, calm down, and be synchronized with your surroundings.
If you want to explore the interior of a person, you should look at the outside.
Because our inside is symbolized there. As some poet said so, a person may feel calm with wearing the same color or the same clothes as others does.
When you make a pass at an opposite sex, or when you get along with friends, it might be possible also to chang the consciousness of your partner or your own by colors.
The most effective method to change you is to change the consciousness of your own. With the aid of the energy of color, you will be to be able to easily make friends with a partner than you thought. Try to be conscious about a color.
However you should know the customs of culture sphere where your partner was born and raised since it is said that the meaning possessed by colors each country and culture varies. [Read more…]

10 things to do before seeing soul mate

10 things to want to do till you meet a soul mate
10 years has passed from my girly days. “I didn’t meet my prince! Where’s my soul mate?”You looks an international sniper. Please practice the followings.

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