7 easy charms to make your wish come true

Ways to make your wish come true, 7 easy charms to remember
What is your wish?
Want to be rich?
Want to be friends, or even go out with someone you love?
Want to be beautiful?
Want to be successful in work?

You all should have something in your mind. Some of you may easily come up with 10 or 20 wishes. Why don’t you make them come true?

Here are good charms for those who want to make wishes come true!

7 easy charms to make your wish come true


-Make a wish to the new moon

It can be said as a standard charm for achieving wishes. If you want a wish to come true, it is best to give a charm on the new moon day.

First of all, check next new moon day on a calendar. Prepare a pen and a pink paper and wait for the new moon day.
On the day, write your wishes on a pink paper you’ve prepared. Wishes should be more than 2, less than 10.

Write in affirmation way.
×:I wish I will…, I hope I can…

○:I became…, …became true.


-Write in your planner

It is a charm using your daily planner, like a future diary. Don’t use your planner just to write schedules. Write down your wishes as though it became true on that day.

Instead of thinking “this is just a charm”, write while you think “my wish became true! I’m happy!” It increases the effect.


-Draw a treasure map

This is a charm to make your wish visible and input a successful image to your subconscious, by drawing a treasure map.

By the way, do you know a treasure map? It is a method to express your dream as a collage using large paper, photos and pictures.
When completed, look at a map everyday. Successful image will be memorized in your subconscious every time you see it, and results in fast success.


-Do imagery rehearsal

This is a popular method in sports industry. We often hear athletes doing following ways.

“Have an image of stepping onto a podium with a gold medal on your neck.”
“Have an image of finishing faster than anybody else, and cut a tape at a goal.”
“Have an image of being a winner and sharing joy with teammates.”
Do the same for yourself.

For example,
Be successful in losing weight and praised “you became beautiful”
Be successful with work and sharing joy with colleagues.
Make an image that matches your wish. The key is to make “an image of success”.


-Let it go

If you wish too strong, it sometimes won’t become true. If so, you need to let go of your wish. I can understand that stronger you wish for it, more difficult to release it.

So I will tell you a charm to make it easier to let it go and make your wish come true.

To begin with, write down your wish on a paper. Keep writing until nothing comes out to mind. Then look at your wish list and say the following phrase 3 times. “I trust myself.”

Take a deep breath at the end, and tear the paper into pieces.


-Drive away evil spirits

If you have evil spirits, you would miss good timing or easy things can become difficult. If so, drive away evil spirits! It is good to clean your room, but here is another way you can do in bathroom.

Prepare a spoonful of salt. Place that salt onto your head when you bathe in a bathtub.
Bathe at least 15 minutes with salt on your head, and possibly 30 minutes.
When finished, wash your hair with salt.
Your evil spirits are completely gone.


-Have your good friend say “you surely can do it”

This charm is to have a help of your close friend. Some of you feel a bit shame, but it is very easy.

Just tell your friend about your wish. Ask your friend beforehand to say positive words, such as “you surely can do it”, when listening to your wish.
Then tell your friends whatever you want. Your friend won’t give any negative reaction to your story. You will gradually feel as though your dream really became true.
The key to this charm is “to feel like your dream became true”. It maintains your motivation and leads you to success.

However, don’t do this charm too often, because you might forget to actually make an effort. Just do it sometimes.


How did you like 7 charms?
They are all easy. They can be done in 5 minutes, or 30 minutes at the longest.
Charms should be done in short time. If you can acquire power from short charms, you can spend more time to actually do something for your wishes.
Charms are just to give you a supportive push, but you will definitely feel an effect if you are pushed strongly in short time.



7 easy charms to make your wish come true

-Make a wish to the new moon
-Write in your planner
-Draw a treasure map
-Do imagery rehearsal
-Let it go
-Drive away evil spirits
-Have your good friend say “you surely can do it”


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