5 charms for healing your tired heart

5 charms for your heart which seems to be broken

“I will get married this year!”
“I will confess my love to the person!”
“I will make this project succeed!”
“I will aim at the promotion by 30% up in sales!”
There are countless wishes of people.

Someone has a wish somewhere and someone has heartache without being up to a wish today, too. It might be such a thing in the world.

However our life is ours. Our heart is hopelessly broken when our wish is not fulfilled or when our efforts are not rewarded.

There is the persons to feel passionate as much as they get into adverse circumstances, but many people do not become so strong. In such a case please take a short break, and try to relax your heart with the following charms.

5 charms for healing your tired heart


Make a ring on the finger of foot

First, I will start to talk about a thing like “a charm.” Each finger wearing a ring has such a meaning as putting a wedding ring on a ring finger of a left hand or a pinkie ring to catch a happiness on a little finger

But there seems to be the persons who cannot wear any ring because of works or any accessary because of metal allergies.

The following methods are reliable for such people. Try to wear a ring for the people who can put a ring on a finger of a foot wear a ring, and tie the thread dyed your favorite color around the finger for the people who cannot wear a ring.

In the case of hand, you have one meaning for the right hand and the other meaning for the left, but in the case of foot, you make only a meaning if you wear both right finger and left one.

The thumb is to protect you. The middle finger is to sharpen intelligence. The little finger is to improve acting power. (※ The ring finger is the sign of married people as well as hand.)

You had better give attention to the index finger. If you put a ring on the index finger of both feet, it seems to mean you are “a slave.” Take note of it.

Put the ring or the thread to match your wish you want to fulfill with creating an image definitely in your mind as if you lithely extend your heart seems to be broken.


Sweet hot milk

It is the charm that might be recommended when you want to be relaxed at night or at a break time. At first you prepare hot milk with a large cup. It will be better to prepare it on an open fire actually, but it is OK to do it easily in a microwave oven.

Put sugar as much as you like while imaging your wish and stir it slowly with a spoon so that your uneasy elements can melt away like sugar.

It is impossible to avoid an obstacle. It is because you must get over it. Therefore you dissolve your uneasiness in hot milk carefully, drink it up as a charm with overcoming the uneasiness and having an image to succeed.

Your irritation and uneasiness may be suppressed by milk and easy sweetness of the sugar. White tea sounds good. When you take caffeine your sleep will become light. Be careful.


Wear your determination always

When you have the wish you want to accomplish, it is your strong will above all that fulfills the wish. Therefore it is desirable not to put out the flame of will but to internalize it inside of your heart, but some people may say “I do not make me stoic like that.”

You may say that you forget your wish, but that have the thing to fulfill. For such people the following charm is recommended. You write your wish on Post-it of your favorite color and put it on your wallet. That’s it!

If possible, you should choice the place avoiding public exposure such as the inside of the pocket of a wallet.

write a wish specifically with drawing a good image, and put it on your wallet with chanting in your mind.

While you carry and wear it every day, the charm will bring the same effect as you wish in your mind.


Bathe in the morning sun

Have you seen the scene that the demons or specters turn ashes or disappear with a dying scream as soon as they are bathed in the morning sun in the movies and cartoons?

Although some people may look at it as a trite technique since it is used from old days, it depicts the purification action of the morning sun.

The morning sun heralding the beginning of a day is depicted as a sacred existence since old days and has been the subject of worship. We have seen many people who put their palms together to the first sunrise of a new year. The morning sun and early-morning refreshing air have the power to purify bad things.

When your heart seems to be broken, please get up early, breathe in fresh air to the depths of your chest, and bathe in the morning sun while imaging that the morning sun penetrates into to your physical inside.


Have fruits for breakfast!

It is the perfect charm to start a day. It is said that the hours of having fruits are equivalent to gold in the morning, silver at noon, and copper in the evening.

The breakfast for the activity source of a day, have a whole fruit and take “the vitality” of the plant.

At this time, you do not merely eat but eat while chanting “I will eat vitality.” in your mind and imaging that your body is full of a sweet-sour fragrance of the fruit. It will refill vitamins for, give color to and refresh your heart seemed to be broken.
I have introduced 5 charms for you to try in a short break when your heart seems to be broken. How about these things?

With having elbowroom in your mind, try these charms with the light feeling as saying “I wish it should work.” But, please strongly imagine you who fulfill your wish and are happy when you do it.

It is a heart to believe it to enhance the effect of the charms. However it is not the power to believe a charm but the power to believe that the you believe to fulfill your wish with the charm.



5 charms for healing your tired heart

・ Make a ring on the finger of foot
・ Sweet hot milk
・ Wear your determination always
・ Bathe in the morning sun
・ Have fruits for breakfast!


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