6 charms for you to make your wish come true

6 charms for you to make your wish come true

Do you want to make a wish come true? About love, money, personal relations, work…it is our nature to hope for many things. To make at least one of them come true, here are 6 selected charms.

There are several cautions when trying these charms. First of all, “never let someone see or know about it”. Some charms use tools, but they shouldn’t be touched by anyone. Please be careful when preparing them.

Also, if you want to make your wish come true, “force of will is essential”. The power to desire is important enough to influence success rate. Calm your mind in quiet place, and wish strongly when giving charms.

6 charms for you to make your wish come true


-Purification, a charm to drive away evil spirit to begin with

What if the luck of yourself is low? No charm is effective. You might miss the chance by bad timing, or possible success can be failed.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect any effect of charms in such situation. Drive away evil spirit from yourself and prepare good environment to make a wish come true. Clean a room or toilet, or fill your house with good scent using aromas. There are many basic ways.

I will introduce the way to purify and drive away evil spirit in a bathroom.

What you need…salt (1 tablespoon)

1. Place salt on your head when soaking into a bathtub. Salt should be made into a mound.
2. Soak into hot water for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
3. Wash your hair with salt, and take a bath as usual.

Now your foulness is washed away. If you have a wish, then move on to next charm.


-Strong charm on a night of the full moon

Moon has strong power, and it changes with its shape. Here is a charm to borrow a power of the full moon.

What you need…white paper, new eye-drops, blue pen

1. Purify eye-drops and a pen by exposing them to a light of the full moon.
2. Draw a big picture of an eye with the blue pen on the white paper.
3. Write your wish in a black eye of the picture. It should be as short and simple as possible.
4. Put a drop of eye-drops on your wish.
5. Fold the paper into small piece and hide it, such as in between a book or in a drawer, so that no one would see it.

“Eye” has a myeterious power to work on the subconscious, and color blue has the power to drive away evil spirit. Combination of these two will prevent bad spirit from disturbing your success, and has a power to have power of nature, such as sky and ocean, by your side.

Eye-drops clarify your wish, and make it more effective to accomplish.


-Strong charm to the new moon

As same as the full moon, the new moon has strong power as well. This charm is the most effective within 8 hours from the beginning of the new moon, but it also has enough effect within 48 hours.

What you need…pink paper, pen

1. Within 48 hours from the beginning of the new moon, “handwrite” your wishes.
2. Wishes should be more than 2 and less than 10. 1 wish for each sentence.
3. Sentences should be written in perfect or present progressive form, such as “I am going to do…” or “I am…”.
4. Write the date at the end, and keep it in drawer. It is better to forget about it once you put it away.

If you can’t have the feeling of success after giving the charm, start with getting rid of unnecessary things in the night of the full moon before the new moon. Secure the places for good fortune by organizing things and thoughts.


-Wishing to the moon, depends on what your wish

Life is hard without money! This is significant charm to give on either the night of the full moon or the new moon to improve luck of money, but also possible for other wishes.

What you need…a wallet you are using now

1. Rub your hands 36 times to the new moon or to the full moon.
2. Say “please make my wish come true, please remove my suffering”.
3. Say “I wish for money to come to me”, or other wish you have.
4. Shake your wallet.

The new moon is going to waxes, so wishes to “increase” something such as money, luck with personal relations, or about having a baby are good. The full moon gradually wanes, so wishes to “decrease” something such as diet, bad luck or problems are said to be effective to wish for.


-Specific wish, about money

You are in need but have not much money with you! There is a magic word to save you. Please keep in mind that this is just to have “temporary money”, and not to improve your luck of money forever.

When it is urgent, say “trinca-five” for few times, wholeheartedly. That’s it.

This is a word of tradition in a family of Romany, “to have money for emergency”. It is easy and very effective, but number of words should be appropriate. 5 to 8 times is said to be best.


-Specific wish, about lost thing

You feel impatient. Keep looking for it but can’t find it! There are many charms to improve luck of love or money, but there is nothing you can do about “lost thing” even though it is a popular situation. Don’t laugh that it is too simple. Please remember it.

”Wishing to Otowa-no-taki Falls in Kiyomizu (Temple in Kyoto), XX is not necessarily lost.” Fill in XX with what you are looking for, and say it for 3 times.

When giving this charm, you should have looked everywhere, but still have strong wish and feel desperate to find it. I know it is the icing on a cake to tell you this, but just in case.

“Please do your best to search for it even after giving a charm!” I hope you can find it…


Did you enjoy the article?

You should seen several easy charms you can try. I have excluded “charms about love”, since you’ll see hundreds of them if you look for them on internet. Now at last, I will tell you the easiest charm to make your wish come true.

It is…”to say ‘Thank you, my wish came true’”. That’s it. You might wonder, but this is using the power of words. Don’t despise the power of words.

Positive words attract positive things, and negative words attract negative things and make them come true. However, it is not good to hold back your negative feeling too much. Please say positive words after moaning or saying negative things.

Then, instead of saying “I wish I could…”, say “I am…!”. It will change you from your visions and ways of thinking. I hope your wishes come true.



6 charms for you to make your wish come true

-Purification, a charm to drive away evil spirit to begin with
-Strong charm on a night of the full moon
-Strong charm to the new moon
-Wishing to the moon, depends on what your wish
-Specific wish, about money
-Specific wish, about lost thing


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