How to Improve Femininity with 5 Clemtis Floriographys

 How to Improve Femininity with 5 Clemtis Floriographys

Clematis comes from Greece words “Krema” means vine. Vine of clematis is so strong that it is also called devil’s rope or devil’s thread.

The longer the vine grows the tougher it becomes, so it is often used to tie firewood. In japan, clematis made in China called “Tetusen” and ones made in Japan called “Kazaguruma” is common. The name Tetusen comes from strong vine like wire and the name “Kazaguruma” comes from the shape of petals.

Tetysenn has 6 petals and Kazaguruma has 8 petals. In fact, clematis has no petals. This is because things look like petals are calyxes. Clematis and rose have good chemistry. So in Western countries, clematises and roses are often used for an arch.

In Britain, rose is called “king” and clematis is called queen. So clematis is also called queen of vine plant. Clematis Tessen came from China in the Edo period and it has been loved as a tea ceremony flower. Although clematis is a large flower, it matches Japanese style.

Clematis is not only beautiful but has beautiful floral languages. I will introduce 5 floral languages of clematis “mental strength” “beautiful heart” “purity” “joy of travelers” to improve femininity.

How to Improve Femininity with 5 Clemtis Floriographys


1. Mental strength

No matter how beautiful you are, if you do not improve inner face, are you really beautiful? Being jealous or to avoid difficulty….

Although anyone has somewhat weakness in heart, how to keep beautiful inner face is really important. Instable mentality is sure to affect appearance without knowing like a pale complexion, offensive eyes or awkward smile.

Although it is important to be confident, too much confidence can lead to losing yourself.

Much experience and discipline is needed to get true mental beauty. And that would be tough to get through.

However, there is much difference between someone thinking about beautiful mind and someone not. So let’s try to be like clematis which is large and beautiful flower but it has subtly.


2. Beautiful heart

How often do you appreciate in your daily life? In fact, there are many opportunities to thank somebody in daily life other than when someone helps you.

Someone having beautiful heart is always grateful for something like a new day, meals. What you take it for granted is not a matter of course. Don’t you realize that?

Why people never forget gratitude look attractive? That is because they can realize what is important through thanks. You might think it is strange but if you always appreciate something, you can realize how much you are loved.

And you would be naturally kind to people around you. You should not expect return but just help someone in trouble out of mere kindness.

Room in heart is essential to have beautiful heart. You should realize how much you are loved to have room in your heart. If you are obsessed with your appearance, you cannot grow your heart.

So let’s appreciate even trivial things like a beautiful clematis flower.


3. Scheme

The floral language comes from European beggars who hurt themselves with vine of clematis to appeal to their pity. You have a bad impression on the word scheme though it is very important to improve femininity in some way.

Although you should not cheat someone, you should scheme to make you happy and enjoy daily life. That would be able to also make people around you happy. Isn’t it important to try to make it better and consider something?

Just thinking about bright future can be exciting. People with young mind are attractive so why don’t you give a surprise to your friend or play a trick sometimes?

If you have someone you want to go out, you might as well scheme to get the person. But you should be careful not to rely on the scheme too much.

Conspicuous scheme can make you look cheap and people with you could not enjoy. It is important to come up with scheme which can make both you and people around you happy.

To try to enjoy daily life also leads to charm like clematis which looks subtle but looks vibrant too.


4. Nobility

Nobility means not selfish and admirable. Women who have own thought and can act for others are so cool.

Many people care about what other people think, but people having faith look strong as a human. However, you should have an open mind too. Don’t persist too much..

You should have strong faith and listen to other’s opinion to be a noble person. But a noble person may not try to be noble.

They are always strict with themselves and try to think what they should be and what they can do for others. In other words, they are honest to themselves. Honest does not mean selfish.

It is important to think a choice you make is whether selfish or not and it is for others or not. If you become noble, you would be able to become an attractive woman like graceful clematis.


5. Joy of traveler

The floral language “joy of traveler” comes from the story ancient Europe inns which travelers often visit used to arrange vines of clematis in front of inns to pray for their safety. From travel with friends or family to travel alone, there are varieties of reasons why people travel. Regardless of reasons, people tend to feel something different after travel.

As the old saying “spare the rod and spoil the child” says, journey has power to develop people. Although, spending time with friends in a familiar place is good, it is important to venture sometimes. Going far is not only way to travel.

Going to shops where you have never been or participating in some community where there is nobody you are familiar with would be good journey.

To have experiences you rarely get and inspire you through the experience is good opportunities to spread the world. At first, it may be difficult to take a first step, but you will be able to feel difference and joy as a traveler.

Let’s improve through challenges to be strong like a tough vine of clematis.


How was that?

Every floral language is as to mentality. They remind us of what is important to us. However, if you want to improve femininity, you should improve yourself as a human first.

A beautiful woman but less attractive may forget something important as a human. On the contrary, a woman with beautiful heart is really attractive.

It is clear which is attractive as a woman. The answer is of course latter one like clematis which bloom gracefully and have subtlety.

Why don’t you consider the five floral languages to improve yourself as a human and a woman?



How to Improve Femininity with 5 Clemtis Floriographys

1. Mental strength
2. Beautiful heart
3. Scheme
4. Nobility
5. Joy of traveler

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