9 ways to change personality by color

9 ways to complete change personality by choosing color

When I want to change a personality and it’s easy. Favorite color and a personality have a good relation, so I introduce 9 ways to even change personality.

9 ways to change personality by color


1.Your personality to know a favorite color

Red… Soucially and active. To open the way by yourself. Emotional. Purple.. Sensitive and strong sense of beauty. Wish for adult-like. Blue.. intelligible and honest. Being bad at telling intention. Green..a pacifism to pay careful attention to something.

Easy to have interpersonal stress.Orange..Being full of curiosity and the spirit of self-advancement. Being kind to family or friends.Yellow.. Adventurous. A wish to go ahead. Brown.. Responsibility and stable. Makes an effort steadily.

White.. A strong sense of justice. High ideal and not shaken by other opinion. Black.. independent and not influenced by others. hates interference.  Gray.. Good sense and patronizes a partner. Light blue.. Good self-expression and active.

Intuitive.Beige.. Good adaptationto circumstances and good change. Pink.. takig care of others. being kind to herself. Feminine.


2.To change dresses

Dress is the most important point by the first impression. And to change the image completely is dress. If you’d put on the same color, let’s put on the different color.

In spring, we can purchase lots of pastel-colored dresses. If you choose springlike pretty color, you could give others gentle image.

Red to want to be cheerful, Pink to make the partner relax or to appeal the geniality, Yellow to be positive, Orange to assert yourself, Blue to be calm,  Purple to be mysterious and intuition, White to clean impression, Green to feel ill.


3.To change underwear

If you aren’t brave to change dress, let’s start the color of underwear. In the morning, when you change clothes, if ypu choose the underwear on that day you want to put on, strangely you become motivated.

Putting on the different color, you would like them.


4.To change small articles

I recommend you to choose the color of a purse, a key chain fo a cell phone, a natural stone on your wrist.


5.To change make-up

When you fit dress and article, next is make-up. If you can’t make up well, it’s okay to make sure a colored make up fitting your dress.

I recommend you; Pink make up to be soft image, Brown make up to be simple office lady image.


6.To change the room

The color is so important in the space you spend. I recommend blue interior for an emotional person. its color controls your anger or makes a calm judgment.

Decisively, let’s change the curtains.

It’s okay to change the cushion, the slippers or room wear. By changing the favorite color, you can notice your mind becomes quiet and healed. It’s very effective.


7.To care for inspiration

When you go shopping, you sometimes like the one at first sight. To be avoid of impulse buying, you walk around in the shop or come home and if sleep one night you sometimes can’t forget.

At that time, the intuition works. I recommend to buy it If it has some meanings.


8.Color is nutrition

In the morning, you get up. You choose the enough color naturally. As same to take enough suppliment, the color helps energy.

By putting on the favorite color, supplies nutritions and be cheerful,. You shouldn’t put same color but you can enjoy if you feel how pretty to put them order. And, please choose the appropriate dress on the day.


9.Color is nutrition

In the brain science, the way to choose the color cleans up your brain. Red and shocking pink stimulate the brain and pastel is the color which gives peace of mind so effective to calm down the exciting brain.

When tired mentally, in the bed room using the favorite color, and let’s rest your brain. colors work to a brain.


What did you think?

You can change yourself from any age. If want to change indeed, imagine yourself who you want to be and use the color, and please find to be just yourself.


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