5 uses for color therapy to make life happy

5 uses for color therapy to makei life happy

Make your daily life more active with color therapy! The world is full of colors. They are designed for psychological effects in your familiar places. The most typical examples are signs and logos. For example, a sign of emergency stairs is green. It is because seeing red fire makes color-vision unnatural temporarily. Green is a complementary color of red, and it helps us to ease the trouble and to escape from there.
Another case is an operation gown. It is green to prevent from a temporary disorder in color-vision that the color of blood causes. Display windows and interiors of shops use effects of colors too.
In department stores, it is for encouraging the desire to buy. In restaurants, it is for stimulating the appetite.
They are all application of color therapy. It means color therapy knowledge is useful to relax or get in condition in the daily life. Then today I’ll tell you some simple uses for color therapy.

 5 uses for color therapy to make life happy


1: To enhance your communication ability

Use light green or marine blue to enhance your sympathy, to be fashion-conscious, or to enhance your communication ability by catching information well.
Those colors make you good at dealing information and a good listener. It is effective to make communication smooth. Wearing bright green, you can get in enjoyable experiences with deep interest.
Use those colors when you meet people from circles of study or hobbies. When meet people you want to establish good rapport with, use marine blue. You will be able to give a clean impression and a reliable image.


2:To be active

The color red, orange, yellow are the symbol of activeness. Red is best for taking the leadership.
You will be able to keep your faith with responsibility. It cultivate realistic thoughts and enable you to find out a concrete solution. However, don’t use that color when you are exhausted or irritated. Orange is good for people who work in the sales department, or meet many people.
When we have a stomach disorder or mental fatigue from stress, we like the color orange. Use that color and eat citrus fruits. They make you active. Yellow develops your aspiration. If you have a goal you want to achieve, use that color to make the process enjoyable.


3: To cultivate your inspiration or artistic sense

Purple is good for people who want spiritual awareness.
It brings out nobleness and elegance of you, and cultivate your sense. It is best color when you have not enough sleep, or see into yourself for mental training. Wearing purple stylishly, you look mysterious and it brings out your mystic charm.
However, be careful for overuse. Purple can make you too much critical on yourself and too much reflective.


4: When you want to heal yourself

When you have eyestrain, seeing deep green will heal your eyes. When you have mental stress, seeing blue in the sky or the sea will help you.
If you feel boring or can’t feel life worth living because of all work and no play, try brown through making pottery or a short stay at the farm. If you live in an urban area, touching soil will make you feel nature and heal you.
If you want to cherish yourself, using pink will tell you how to do it. When you want to be loved, wearing pink is good too. It is especially good for women because it show your skin clear.


5: When you want to reset yourself

When you want to reset yourself, white or black will be good.
White is good for changing your mind and starting something new.
Black heightens your good tension, and protects you when you are indisposed. For example, people who have a cold or a chronic disease often wear black. They are trying to protect themselves unconsciously.
Black is also the sign of the secondary sexual characteristic. It is because young girls who have started menstruating often like to wear black. When you want to improve your image, use the combination of white and pastel colors like pink, pastel blue, or pastel green. It will make you seem refreshing. It is worth trying if you want to change your image.


Last, please be careful about points as follows on using colors.

Colors effect on your deep psyche. If you use inappropriate colors, they can weaken your body and mind.
When you are not sure which color to should chose, add the complementary color of the color you chosen intuitively. It works on keeping a balance.
Be careful about a use for dark colors. They can make you grumpy and narrow the range of your taste. If you have children, show them various colors. It is effective to cultivate their aesthetic sense, and help them to display their individualities.
If you keep giving too much dark colors to your children since very young, they may have a mental illness in the future.
Dark colored underwear blocks the sunshine and makes you unhealthy. Choose white or pink, and avoid blue or black as much as you can.

You may already had known some of them. Well-known things have strong effects. Use them to make your daily life more active!


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