Conquer her heart! Learn how to give a gift

Conquer her heart! Learn how to give a gift

“I want to see her happy face!” “I want to improve my reputation as a man!” “I will buy a great gift for her!” These are some things that people may have thought of… But I imagine many of them haven’t come up with a good idea. Meanwhile the time limit is getting closer and you are at a loss.

Your girlfriend will be happy just by the fact that you were looking for and choosing a gift for her. If you give her a gift with love and sincerity, she will probably be pleased. However, some people choose such an awful thing that they turn their girlfriends off.

That’s why it is very important to understand women’s feelings. Let me tell you how to fascinate your girlfriend by choosing the right thing and giving it properly. Win her heart and have a very happy time together.

Conquer her heart! Learn how to give a gift


1. If you want her to be happy, do some research

☆List of good gifts☆

 Rings: It is always safe to give her pinky rings because giving a pair of matching rings or ring finger rings may be too much if your relationship is still new.

 Pendants: You do not have to worry about the size if it is a necklace. Do some research on the brand she likes and whether she has allergies beforehand.

 Bracelets: Similarly to necklaces, do not worry about the size.

 Wallets: try to know her favorite brand, color, and size. Take her current wallet as an example. Also, you can say to her that her wallet is nice. She might give you some clues such as “this wallet is hard to use” or “I like this shape”.

 Handbags: Handbags can be expensive but women are really happy when they get the one they want. But she might take the handbag to a pawn shop in case she already has one or if she gets it from a guy she doesn’t like. So think carefully not to regret if you are going to spend a lot of money for the handbag.

 Flowers: Many women dream of getting as many roses as their own age. So, most women will definitely like this gift.


★List of unfortunate gifts ★

 Living creatures: You can bet most girls do not like insects. Also it would be troublesome for her to keep tropical fish.

 Folk handicrafts: It would be hard for her to find a good place to put it. Also many girls would think you have no taste for gifts.

 Stuffed animals: It is wrong to say that all girls like stuffed animals. They have preferences and they consider big stuffed animals annoying. Also don’t give her one that you got in an arcade unless she clearly said she wanted it because it is most likely that she won’t like it.

 A song made by you: Some find it embarrassing and others weird. Never sing for her in public.

 A poem made by you: Many women find it awkward just like a song.

 Underwear: If you give a sexy one, it is obvious that she will know your superficial interests. Be careful she will start avoiding you.

 A gift with a price tag: This would be rude to give to anyone.

 Ring finger ring: If you consider marrying her seriously, it is ok. Otherwise, it would be too much.

 Perfumes: People have very different tastes on perfumes. She may also have some allergies, so you should do research and choose carefully.

 A bouquet of flowers: It may not be appropriate to give her a big bouquet. It would be embarrassing for her to take it home if she uses public transportation.


3. Take her to see a nice night scene

Ask her to go to for a drive to the sea. Give her a surprise by stopping by a pier. Then have a dinner in the cruise together. That will amuse her. Keep in mind that there are several companies that offer cruise proposal plans.

You can also show her a nice night view from the sky. Tell her that you want to go see a night scene. Then take a helicopter and conquer her heart with an unforgettable helicopter cruise. Reach the climax by giving her your gift with both facing a fine night scene.


4. Pretend that you forgot to give her a gift

Make the most of the gain-loss theory of attraction in psychology to surprise her. For example, on her birthday or on a certain anniversary, go to the same restaurant that you usually take her in a normal date.

She will be probably disappointed or even mad that you forgot an important anniversary. Then, just tell her that you had forgot and take her to the restaurant you booked.

It is really important that you ask the restaurant beforehand to prepare a surprise for her. She will be more pleased than ever by knowing that you didn’t forget the anniversary.


5. Use illuminations and night views to help you

One of the most romantic places would be illumination spots.
This would be the best situation to give her a gift. I recommend going to a restaurant with a fine night view or going to a night scene spot.


6. Let Disneyland fascinate your girlfriend for you

If she likes Disneyland, she will definitely be happy with a birthday pass. It gives a lot of benefits only for her birthday.
She can get Disney’s original products and limited stuffed animals. Also you can secretly use the priority seating service at a restaurant. Take your time and have a great meal with her.

Besides all these options, there are official packages to stay in a hotel that include fast passes, tickets for watching shows, and room service with meals. It will certainly be the best anniversary for her.


7. Hide a present in the flowers

Flowers inside a box like a cake are becoming more and more popular recently. Put another gift inside with the flowers. She will of course be delighted with the flowers, but even more by finding the other secret present.

Jewelry or other accessories are the best option. Also there are lots of options for preserved flowers as well, so talk to a flower shop to make an arrangement.


How did you like it?

Your girlfriend will probably most happy when she gets what she likes by surprise. It’s romantic to enjoy a night scene in a cruise or in a helicopter or to give a present looking at fantastic illuminations.

You must make the most of such a moving situation. You can also try to please her by letting her down at first and then giving her the gift. This technique is effective to double her delight.

If she likes Disneyland, the best gift will probably be to give her a birthday pass or a package with a stay in a hotel. In any case, it is crucial that you do research beforehand and give a gift in the right time, place, and occasion.



Conquer her heart! Know the best time to give your girlfriend a gift

1. If you want her to be happy, do some research.
2. Analyze her taste.
3. Take her to see a nice night scene.
4. Pretend that you forgot to give her a gift.
5. Use illuminations and night views to help you.
6. Let Disneyland fascinate your girlfriend for you.
7. Hide a

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