7 Meanings of daisy and the suitable gifts

7 Meanings of daisy and the suitable giftsDaisy is called Hinagiku in Japan. You often see it in the town as well. It blooms one after another in the warm season and lasts for a long time. Daisy is a country flower of Italy. Its name came from ¨Day’s eye¨in English. Probably it’s because the center of the daisy is yellow that it looks like a sun.

It’s very tough so it’s easy to take care, and bloom quite long so it’s one of the popular flower for the gardening. Its meaning is innocence, purity, peace, cheerfulness, hope, unconsciousness, happiness etc. I’m gonna introduce some gifts which match with this flower, so please refer this to give a gift to someone important.


7 Meanings of daisy and the suitable gifts



Daisy blooms under the sun and closes when it gets dark. Perhaps the meaning ¨innocence¨is born from such a pure action. You get tired thinking lots of things. Maybe you should just enjoy as an innocent child.

Why not to give a snack which you used to eat during the childhood to make the busy person to stndstill and take a rest? He/she might be feeling melancolic and smiling having this snack with a nice tea…



For the people who is exhausted by so many things. They should have some time to be yourself and pure. When you’re too busy, you don’t have a time to think about yourself deeply or be thoughtful to other people. Even no time to go out somewhere to refresh. Then why not to give a touching movie video or DVD?

If it’s possible, of course it’s better to see it in the cinema…but anyway you can be another you when you’re deeply touched. I’m sure they can get back the pure and honest hearts.



Actually, the ordinary boring life is the best and important thing to have. You appreciate your ordinary life when something bad happens. So it’s nice to welcome the peaceful day in the morning. So why not to give some nice tea for the breakfast?

If the person prefers having coffee, then some better quality coffee. In the morning is always busy, but you should still feel happy with a little time. Wishing to have a nice day.



Be cheerful and happy! It’s the tip to enjoy your life. You never lose anything to enjoy whatever. Think positive always. And the good luck will follow you so don’t worry…

It’s nice to be a happy, cheerful and strong person who can get over everything. So why not to give a bright-colored scarf or stole to the depressing person? Bright color makes bright mind. Just help the person to wear the bright colors and go forward happily.



Hope is to be created. It depends whether you can chase away the negative thoughts. Everyone gets depressed when something bad happen. But it won’t be the same forever. If you don’t ever give up..

So not giving up might be the seed of the hope.

Just accept the things generously and do what you can do now. It’s gonna change something little by little.So why not to send some encouraging words not to forget to give up or make a first step? Just tell him/her that you’re always on his/her side. It’ll definitely reach to the heart.



There’s always a person who is naturally thoughtful and himself/herself unconsciously. So why not to give your appreciation learning from such person?

It could be anything. It makes the person feel awkward to give an expensive stuff so what about his/her favorite snack or souvenir of your vacation etc. The person will feel your appreciation and thoughtful gesture.



When do you feel happy? It depends on people. But probably when you’re so into something you like. So why not to give something related to their hobby? You can check in advance secretly.

Your own time is very important. It helps to dissolve the stress and recharge your energy. To spend the private time more happily.


So, how was that?
The meanings of daisy teaches you how to be energetic or positive. Positive thoughts diffuse outside and bring back something positive. Release something good, taking in something good. Isn’t it ideal? Sometimes it’s difficult to be always positive, but you should spend the days thinking that everything is gonna be fine. Sometimes you can give yourself some presents to encourage yourself believing that powerful you can make people around you cheerful and happy. I wish you to spend everyday happily.



7 Meanings of daisy and the suitable gifts

1.Fondly-remembered snacks to get back the innocent heart
2.Touching movie
3.Tea or coffee for the peaceful morning
4.Bright scarfs to get happy moods
5.Encouraging words to get hope
6.Tiny appreciation
7.Dissolving stress by hobby


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