9 good ways to remove a delusion

Remove a delusion・9 good ways to lead mind positive

It’s not bad to have delusion, but it gives a damage or if you spend a long, a luck falls. Here, I introduce the 9 ways to remove a delusion and to lead positive.

9 good ways to remove a delusion


1.To output what you keep in yourself

At first, Let’s output what you keep in yourself. Why do you worry, what is option, or after the decision what will happen…; I recommend you to take a note what you remind on the paper.

At first, it doesn’t matter by the things written hastily memos. As concentrate on writing, your own feelings and keywords become clear and come to understand the cause of the delusion.


2.To relax the shoulders and think

We live always piling thousands of options.

They’re variety things like the daily option what I wear and eat for lunch today, or the important option of your life. Think about the trouble you have now as one of the many options, and let’s try to relax your shoulders.

Whatever you make your option, your life doesn’t stop but last forever… If you think so, your mind would lead to positive.


3.To think in order to make me happy.

“What do others think?” “What do they do?”; a person who worry about the harmony with others around tends to like this, but when you have a delusion, please think ‘yourself’in the center. .
As a certain result of the decision, thinking a standard judgment, you mustn’t fall a worst situation yourself…

You can take even worrying positively because the aims are to be happy or to come to be fun.


4.To try to work in order to increase the experiences

When you worry about several things, you can decide like‘I’ll try to intend to have a good experience.’
You can come to decide positively if you can think for you to increase the experiences of life than to do nothing.

There’s no way to know what happen s to the future how much even if I think surely but for that future, to increase the experiences definitely become your property.


5.To think if embarrassing for you

When you have a delusion and worry about it, not only you but friends, co-workers, and lover are related to it deeply, I suppose.

The option in such a case which your close people are related, especially, you worry a lot and become emotional.
At that time, please think if you can stick out your chest to choose the option. It’s important to ask yourself to be embarrassed for you carefully.


6.To decide a limit

While thinking for a long time, it becomes going around and around, so only the time passes very often. To be able to think something carefully is a good point of you, however, you may miss a chance to get a long-awaited good fortune.

For such a person, please try to decide ‘a limit of delusion’in your mind. You must have a positive thinking to be happy collecting a thought by the deadline.


7.To realize your delusion

Let’s realizes when you notice that you always worry about similar things

Thinking that the delusion comes from your character, you may feel that it would be difficult to change. A bad habit is a kind of a custom so it isn’t easy, however, if you realize earlier, you can make an effort to stop.

You can feel easy to think stop your bad habit than to change your character.


8.To act not to regret

A delusion often happens by worrying if your decision is wrong, I think.

But, we can choose only one way by a result of the option… If so, let’s act to choose a way that if you don’t choose this way you must regret. If you suspect for something, this must be your anxiety.

To be honest in order not to regret leads your mind positive.


9.To praise your decision

To prepare for a risk or a difficulty when you decide something means also to believe your decision. At first it’s tough, however, you are acting as believing your decision and thinking that you can be surly happy and your mind becomes positive.

To be able to go away a delusion is only the decision of yourself. Let’s praise yourself “You did a good job.”


I’ll repeat that To worry isn’t bad but to be precious about yourself.
I recommend you to lead your mind positive by using these 9 ways not to connect the backwater or the decrease of that feeling.


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