7secrets of March Birthstones for Dream Come True

7secrets of March Birthstones for Dream Come True

Birthstones are gems that were chosen according to the image of month. It is said that birthstones have a 300-year-old history. In Japan, birthstones are almost as same as American birthstones that were designated in 1912, but some birthstones were added several years later.

Do you know the March birthstone? There are three kinds of March birthstones in Japan and birthstones differ from country to country.

Although you might not be able to make up your mind about which birthstone you should get. But you just need to choose one that suits your feeling. Let’s find the best birthstone that makes your dream come true.

7secrets of March Birthstones for Dream Come True


1. Major March birthstone aquamarine

Beautiful blue gem, “Aquamarine” is the most famous March birthstone. The gem is the symbol of calmness, courage and intelligence. It is said that aquamarine has a good effect on communication or singing.

It has also good effect on improvement in romantic luck. It may bring love to lonely women and they might be able to get married.

European in the nineteen century often gave the gem as a romantic gift to their lovers. Aquamarine is also called gem out of mermaid’s jewel box or tears of mermaid.


2. Jesus’s blood? “Bloodstone”

Bloodstone is a dark green gem with red spots. It is said that bloodstone was on the Hill of Golgotha where Jesus suffered on the cross and Jesus’s blood seeped into the stone. So bloodstone is the gem that has deep relationship with life.

Bloodstone is effective for people who are mentally tired because it gets people psyched up and increase motivation. And it is also said that bloodstone has a good effect on blood disease and pregnancy.

So bloodstone could help you with your life in various situations.


3. Gift from ocean “coral”

Although coral is not stone, Japanese people love coral since the old times because Japan is surrounded by the sea. There are various colors of coral like black or red. You should not expose coral so long to the sun shine because it is vulnerable to heat and easily get dried.

In Buddhism, coral is one of the seven treasures and good luck charm for perpetual youth and longevity. Coral would increase your vital force and give you creativity because it comes from the origin of the life, “ocean”.

So it has good effect on sterility and child’s growth. Coral that has calm atmosphere is your protective god.


4. March birthstone in France “ruby”

Ruby is generally July birthstone, but it is March birthstone in France. Ruby is a red gem and has a meaning of passion as its impression.

According to Hindu myth, a jealous person in court killed the wife of Maharaja and her blood seeped into a diamond, which is the origin of ruby. It is said that ruby is the gem that gets rid of suspicious feeling about love like jealousy.

It is also used as a good luck charm for keeping disease or poison away and has a meaning of dignity and humanity. Ruby has a commanding and atmosphere.


5. March birth stone of Pieces “Amethyst”

Amethyst is the generally birthstone of February, but also the birth stone of Pieces. Amethyst is beautiful purple gem that has meaning of honesty and peace in the heart. So it is said that the gem could relieve suffer in the heart or worry.

It has also the spiritual power that prevents misfortune so it is often used for ritual or meditation. According to the Greece myth, amethyst was named after a girl who was attacked by a tiger due to God of alcohol, Bacchus’s flightiness. So it could help you break habits like smoking, drinking or drags.


6. Symbol of purity “diamond”

Diamond is said to be a birthstone of April, it is also a birthstone of pieces. Diamond that has meaning of purity is highly regarded and symbol of purity around the world

As a symbol of eternal love, diamond is often used for engagement ring. And it is said that the custom started in the Victorian age. A diamond is believed to lead to happy family.

A diamond is beautiful gem that could increase economic fortune. Needless to say diamond is beautiful, it is has also beautiful meanings.


7. New birthstone “Blue spinel” (Hope birthstone)

Blue spinel is hope birthstone. Hope birth stones are artificial gems. They are less expensive than natural stones, but they are still beautiful.

Blue spinel that is dark blue is regarded as a new birthstone of March. It is said to improve immune system and good for disease treatment.

It is also used as a good luck charm for creators because of its feature that generates new energy and has an effect of increase in romantic luck that could bring an opportunity to meet new people. Even New stone has a power.


How was that?

What a surprise how many birthstones exist. However, everyone who has a birthstone has the same wish that is happiness. You might be not able to choose which birthstone you should get.

However, if you will run into the stone that suits your feeling, you will be sure to feel something different. The stone is also waiting for you. Let’s find the destined birthstone to live a happy life.



7secrets of March Birthstones for Dream Come True

1. Major March birthstone aquamarine
2. Jesus’s blood? “Bloodstone”
3. Gift from ocean “coral”
4. March birth stone in France “ruby”
5. Birth stone of Pieces “Amethyst”
6. Symbol of purity “diamond”
7. New birthstone “Blue spinel”

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