7 hidden mysterious dream meanings of today

7 hidden mysterious dream meanings that you had today

Have you concerned about the dream you had this morning and wondered why you had and what this dream means?
In the dream, nothing is impossible that you feel so nostalgic that you met your friend whom you have not been seen for a long time,
you can chat with your favorite movie star, and sometimes you can fly like a bird above beautiful blue scienic ocean.

There are two scholar; Mr. Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist and Mr. Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist, they found out human’s dreams’ value,
and said Oneiromancy is made based on their dream investigation.
Hoever, most people tend to have and forget the story once they wake up …. dream is a dream.
According to the research of dream, you have a dream by the trigger of your unconcious mind.

After all, what you are having in the dream and your behaviour is the story that has made by your brain.
In spite of playing on your own, you might see that you do not want to or meet someone you do not want to
because you will never know which story of dream tonight until you go to bed.
You may try to know the meaning of this hidden dream message although you think it is just a dream when you had bad one.
In fact, your dream may try to tell you very important messages.
Well, Let’s find out with me what your dream meanings are you had today.

7 hidden mysterious dream meanings of today


Dream messages that tells you the arrival of good fortune.

Seeing mushrooms in your dream, it tells you arrival of good fortune, and your fate is getting face to wonderful direction.
This is fantastic dream when you see lots of bright stars in the sky that is symbols of love and hope.
It tells you something good event will be happen soon when you have a dream of trip to hot springs. That means
you will be full of joy like plenty of hot water.
Swimming in your dream means good as well that tells you could accomplish your effort and task at last.
If you see a glass hopper, it sends you a message that your talent will be blossomed and your luck will be better.
Seeing a dancer in a dream implies your joy. If you would dance in the spotlight, it means your love or business will go as well
you are a very attractive person.
If you fight or talk to the devil, it tells you are charming because of you are now mentally mature.
It is also a lucky dream that you stand on the rooftop because of nice and free surround view that tells you the time has come your wish will be true.


Dream is the mirror that reveal what you are at present.

It means you are extremely busy now when you are taking lessons in your dream.
This one sounds scared, but if you had a dream to be killed by someone, it shows you are mentally and physically overworked and forced to do.
I recommend you take a rest and relax yourself because it seems you have awful strong stress.
In the other hand, it tells you are mentally relaxed and spiritual level is very stable and positive when you see a baby with a big smiling face.
You will be a very lucky person.
Having a dream of dining and drinking in a pub or restaurant alone expresses your disappointment and regret that nobody evaluate you despite of your hard work.


Dream tells your enviromental change

Dreamt big full moon means you will move or transfer from where you are now.
If you have a job interview in your dream, it shows your better friendship or good change for the new situation.


Dream about your physical condition.

You might better start concerning your cold body, especially chilled lower half body.
Try to keep you body warm. Maybe you might feel cold when you sleep.
It tells your worse physical condition when you eat sticky rice cake in your dream.
It seems you are very exhausted.


Dream tells up and down for your luck about money.

It means you will have more property when you have a dream of black beans, so it is a joyful dream means incrasing money luck.
In contrast, dream about potato chips warns you more expense.
Cooking rice in a rice cooker in a dream tells your life fortune will go up and you will be rich.
However, you will be in a strict financial situation if cooked rice were burned or you see only a little of rice left.


Do not take a dream as it is. This is a false dream!

You would better be careful if you dreamt that you married with your current marriage partner.
This is a serious message that indicates you might get divorced or break a relationship.
When you had a dream of arguing with your loving partner, it means you will bereconciled.
If you fight with your brother or sister in your dream, it tells your human relashionship will be better than now.
Somebody will like or support when you dreamt that you are scolded by someone.


Dream advise about your current situation.

If you see a passport in your dream, it indicates your carrer that you will have more business chance or
you need to get a certificate for your carrer. And this dream tells you how important your attitude for study is.
Cooking fresh season vegitable in your dream means you will get some profit or your physical condition will be better.
If you eat vegitables cooked in your dream, it would help your good fortune.
How do you like it?

In these ways, dream has many meanings and try to send you various messages.
You might not notice how good emotional and body conditions are, and another yourself inside you who is
monitoring you carefully try to tell while you are sleeping.
Dream might be the precious place where is sending various message under unconciousneess during a sleep.
In a fact, I would say dream is just a dream, but let’s think dream is the special message for you at current situation from inside of you.
It would be nice that you brace yourself and praise yourselft followed by messages of your dream.




7 hidden mysterious dream meanings in your dream of today.

*Dream messages that tells you the arrival of good fortune.
*Dream is the mirror that reveal what you are apresent.
*Dream tells your enviromental change
*Dream about your physical condition.
*Dream tells up and down for your luck about money
*Do not take a dream as it is. This is a false dream!
*Dream advise you about your current situation.


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