Know your living pattern by fate number

Knowing your act and love pattern by your fate numberDo you know your fate number? Do you wanna know the messages of the fate number which is taken over from the past to today? You might discover more about yourself.


Know your living pattern by fate number


How to calculate your fate number

  1. Sum up each number of the year you were born
  2. If it becomes a 2-digits, sum up again each number
  3. Add your month and day
  4. Repeat to sum up till it becomes 1 digit.
  5. That’s your fate number

(e.g.) Let’s say your birthday is 1979 May 1st.
1+9+7+9=26, 2+6=8, 8+5+1=14, 1+4=5

5 is your fate number


Fate number 1.

-Has a strong will and leads people around you. Natural born leader.
-You prefer going outside and find the place to exert yourself rather that just staying at home.
-You’re not a homely, prefer your work or hobby.
-You persist your opinion to the end, never compromise.


Fate number 2.

-You’re gentle. You like to assist and help people.
-You have a tendency to worry too much.
-You worry too much about your future so in the love relationship, you make yourself and your partner exhausted because of your over anxiety.
-What you want from your partner isn’t a look nor pomposity, you want security, peace and stability.


Fate number 3.

-You wanna look gorgeous and find the joy for self-expressing.
-Very social and love to be surrounded by a lot of people.
-Cheerful and talkative so people enjoy being with you
-Hate to be lonely and have a tendency to rely on hedonic desire such as alcohol when you face some relationship troubles.


Fate number 4.

-Methodical, diligent, honest and hard worker.
-Rational and always calm. Severe for the money and economizer.
-You have a tendency to be too naive or severe that people might think you’re difficult.
-You love the deciplines or rules too much that you’re lacking of flexibility.


Fate number 5.

-Individualist and love the freedom, can’t be satisfied by the banal things.
-You don’t have any prejudice towards people so they trust you.
-You have a tendency to be passionate easily, but get bored easily.
-For the love relationship, you require his/her inner beauty more than his/her position or posession.


Fate number 6.

-Caring, homely and deeply-affected.
-You have a tendency to be relied by people as a mentalist, and you feel happy about it. You’re suitable for being a counselor.
-Set a high value for the rationality more than feelings.
-You can’t accept something vague, so you require your level to other people.


Fate number 7.

-Care for your privacy and like to be alone more than being surrounded by people.
-Cherish religious and spiritual values
-You have a tendency to condamn or get disappointed easily to your partner because of your seek for the perfection.
-You feel suffocated to spend all the time with your partner because you need some time to be alone.


Fate number 8.

-You’re great in financial, real estate and raw fields also interested in accumulating the wealth.
-Passionate, full of energy and have a leadership.
-You can’t lie to yourself and very straight forward
-When your energy runs wildly, you have a tendency to be intimidating and arrogant so you may hurt people.


Fate number 9.

-You like to meditate quietly alone or study about religious or spiritual philosophical things rather than having fun with bunch of people.
-Filled with tenderness and find the joy for caring other people’s happiness
-You don’t like to get attention and have a tendency to be shy.
-Idealist and require too much so you have a difficulty to find a partner.


Fate number 11.

-Interested in the spiritual and philosophical fields such as religion, philosophy, divination, psychology and counselling.
-Sensitive for the energy, thus you’re able to understand the situations or what people want.
-In a love relationship, you sense your partner’s feelings well so that you dedicate a lot to him/her.


Fate number 22.

-You have a natural aptitude for being a powerful leader and loves to command people.
-You have a tendency to comdamn someone’s mistake too much.
-You show your emotions extremely when you’re happy and unhappy.
-You have a tendency to be egoistic and don’t really trust people or your partner.


So, how was that?
Did something strike you? There’s no good or bad number for the fate number. Just look back your past referring the messages of the fate number and go for the bright future. I wish you for the coming happy days.


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