7 Ways Aromatherapy Candles Increase Female Hormones

7 Ways Aromatherapy Candles Increase Female Hormones

Did you know that you can easily make aromatherapy candles by yourself? Just prepare 50g of candle wax, one paper cup, buttons, kite string, and chopsticks. First, attach the button to the kite string and cut it so that it becomes 5cm longer than the height of the cup.

Soak the kite string with melted wax. Take it out and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. Once it becomes hard, pick the part that is 1cm away from the edge of the string with the center of the chopsticks. Now lay down the chopsticks across the cup so that the string hangs down around the center of the cup.

Pour wax with 3 drops of fragrance oil into the cup. Once the wax settles, cut off the extra amount of string and tear the cup off. Now you have your handmade aromatherapy candle!

In this article, I will introduce some scents that can increase the amount of female hormones especially for candles.

7 Ways Aromatherapy Candles Increase Female Hormones


Stimulate estrogen

There are mainly 2 types of female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is said to attribute feminine characteristics for a woman. It is this hormone that keeps your hair glossy, your skin beautiful, and your metabolism fast.

On the other hand, progesterone prepares your body for pregnancy and childbirth. It promotes accumulation of nutrients, which means that you will be more likely to gain weight.

The essential oils of rose, neroli, sage, and geranium contribute to the increase of estrogen.


Rest your hypothalamus

The hypothalamus controls the level of these 2 female hormones in your body. It sends signals that regulate the amount of hormone, creating the hormonal cycle.

Note that the hypothalamus is very sensitive. So the hormone balance can easily be disturbed, triggering irregularities in the cycle, premenstrual syndromes, and menstrual pain.

Ylang-ylang essential oil can be effective to soothe these symptoms. It has even been used as a love potion. This oil regulates the amount of feminine hormone and has relaxing effects.


Know which oils can stimulate the production of female hormones

Roses can be the most efficient stimulant for female hormones.

Damascus rose oil, also called the queen of essential oils, is very expensive but is very effective in hormone regulation. It also helps keep your skin beautiful. And it helps the secretion of serotonin, which prevents you from getting irritated.

The geranium has a very good flowery scent and its essential oil is taken from the leaves. It has a very refreshing smell similar to roses. It makes you feel better, regulating the female hormones.


Use sage for menopause and chamomile for a beautiful skin

Clary sage contains a substance called sclareol, which is structurally very similar to estrogen.

It can relieve the symptoms of PMS. Also, it is very good for menopause, but clary sage oil increases the chance of miscarriage. It is prohibited to use this oil during pregnancy.

Roman chamomile is a flower from the asteraceae family. Its essential oil is very rare and it has been reported recently that it can promote the formation of collagen in the skin. Therefore it is really good to keep your skin in a good condition.


Use vanilla to calm down and lavender to prevent getting irritated

Vanilla as we know is derived from the Spanish word “vainilla” which means “small legume”. It has a sweet scent just like vanilla ice cream. It can fill your room with this sweet fragrance.

The fascinating smell of vanilla can raise your spirits, relieve stress, and stabilize your state of mind. You can also feel relaxed, less nervous, calm, and positive.

Lavender is one of the best known herbs. It calms your nerves down, soothes headaches and dizziness, relieves stress, appeases irritation, and helps you sleep better.


Try blending some oils

You can use the oils individually, but combining them would be a great idea.

Neroli essential oil and orange suite essential oil can improve sleep, skin condition, blood circulation, menstruation cycle, PMS, menstruation pain, and menopause symptoms. Roman chamomile and mandarin orange essential oils are effective to skin, sleep, unregulated menstruation cycles, PMS, shoulder stiffness, and lower back pain.

Rose and lavender essential oils together are really good for your skin. You can expect good results for acnes, bad menstruation cycles, PMS, menstruation pain, menopause, and depression.


Use color to increase female hormones

Pink is known to stimulate the production of female hormones.

You can not only use candles, but add some color. For instance, put a fragment of pink crayon in the wax to get a light pink colored candle.

You can also decorate the candle with spangles and some glitter that you put in your nail. Choose pinkish glittering ones. Also, you can put small pieces of gemstones before the wax gets hard. I recommend adding log quartz, which enhances your femininity.


How did you like it?

Now you know that it is crucial to keep your hypothalamus healthy in order to produce stable amounts of estrogen.

Relieve your stress. Use aromatherapy oils individually or blend them. In any ways it is important that you continue aromatherapy for a long time.

Find your best combination of oils, and enjoy your life with additional female hormones.



7 Ways Aromatherapy Candles Increase Female Hormones

Stimulate estrogen.
Rest your hypothalamus.
Know which oils can stimulate the production of female hormones.
Use sage for menopause and chamomile for a beautiful skin.
Use vanilla to calm down and lavender to prevent getting irritated.
Try blending some oils.
Use color to increase female hormones.

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