7 happened events after a dream of fire

7 events which really happened after a dream of fireIt is an “oneiromancy” to predict your desire and your future on the base of the thing and the person or the situation that came out in a dream.
Today I will introduce the events that actually happened after having had the “dream of fire.”
I think even under such circumstances, and to have introduced it along with some commentary, the events that actually happened after I had a “dream of fire” today.


7 happened events after a dream of fire


Salary improves

A had concerns about life security because the salary of her husband was lowered drastically, and she had the following dream. She said “It was a dream that trees in the other side were burning brightly when I looked out from the porch, and the sparks flew to the tree in the porch, and it caught fire.
I must have put it out, but I could not do it because there was not a hose near by.
I remember it up to the point.” The next day she has the dream, as soon as her husband returned home, he told her “Dear, my salary rose.”
Because the fire came flying from other trees, it can be interpreted that it was very strong flame.
Generally, the fire expresses good luck, and the result will become inordinate as much as the force of fire is stronger.
In this case it expresses a very good luck.


Lottery win (small amount of money version)

The day when B had a dream of fire (the specific content is unknown), was the release date of the autumn jumbo pubic lottery.
He seems to know that the “dream of fire” expresses good luck, and he bought the lottery immediately. Amazing ! He won it! The cash award was 3,000 yen. It is said that her husband was delighted to get a return on their investment. The fire seems to have become the signature of good luck in this case as well. The truth is not known, but the force of fire in the dream probably was surely small as far as I saw the amount of cash award.
As in the story that was introduced in “Part 1,” “happiness” might be easy to appear in the form of “money.”
You may expect a pretty good income if you have the dream of fire.


Lottery win (big hit version)

C has suddenly begun to have the dream of fire many times. He obediently braces himself as saying “Be careful about fire,” but his wife took it easy as saying “You may win the lottery, mayn’t you?” And he won 25 million yen as the numbers before and after the first prize as his wife’s forefeel. It is an example of the lottery once again, but he took the jackpot in this case!
To have the same dream many times will make the effect in the dream become strong.
In other words, as a result that the meaning of the “happiness” of the fire was made strong by having the dream of the fire many times, it happened.


Dream of fire that expresses your desire

D dreamed of the fire and was worried about it, and got a dream diagnosis. At that time, he had such a result of the diagnosis as expresses “good luck,” but he continued to have mentally a bitter experience. After that, D put a question to the pearls of wisdom and seemed to understand the answer that his dream of the fire expressed a “desire.” In this case it would express a “desire” mentioned above. If it is not fulfilled, naturally I you will spend the days when you suffer mental anguish, and get stressed out. Because the flame expresses the “intense emotion,” it may be risky to interpret it as “fire” = “happiness” simply. The correct interpretation will require the detailed contents of the dream. When you have an impressive dream, you should keep it a habit to make notes immediately.


Oneiromancy happens to fail

“The apartment house where I lived is on the quite wide site, and there are three same buildings.
I had a dream that one of them was burned by a fire. I woke up in such a terrible dream as follows: recently Interesting Kiritani Kenta came to my home some reason, and at the moment he left my home saying ‘I will be leaving,’ the fire occurred at the place right side end nearest to my home (Here are compressed propane gas cylinders and a small fire has actually occurred.) and only the skeleton of the building has remained.” E who had such a dream has never seen a wife and a child of the most blazed house for one and a half years since that time.
He has no reason to ask about it. He realized that a fire does not always express a good matter only.
This is the example that the oneiromancy has often failed. Because the flame blazes at a furious rage as far as I see the contents of the dream, it should be possible to interpret that an incredible good fortune comes.. The fortune-telling is what helps your life absolutely.
If you believe it blindly and live leaning on it, you may have a terrible experience. It is important not to decide prematurely that “I have had the dream of A, B occurs absolutely.”


Happiness to be pregnant

F who made an effort to have children had such a dream as follows: “In the fire, I wonder I was in a kindergarten or somewhere. I get a lot of children together and am angry about my circumstances that other adults do not do anything, and I put out the fire with a fire extinguisher while saying ‘You will die in the smoke if you do not cover your nose and mouth.’ I had a dream like that.”
After knowing that the dream of the fire was the augury of good in the net, she checks it and has known that she was pregnant though she thinks it improbable.
It is the plain example that the dream of the fire expresses “happiness.” But the dream to put out the fire is often the dream of bad token, therefore you need to be careful about it. In this case, it expresses “happiness” in the oneiromancy also to be surrounded by children.
As a result that it was combined with the fire, you can interpret that the good fortune of the pregnancy came. When other things come out, it is important to think about the meaning that they express.


Possibility called a prophetic dream

G had the dreamed of the fire. “Because just a small fire occurred in the inside of a room, I battled the fire desperately.
Then several fire engines came after I controlled the fire finally. I thought the neighborhood had put flexibility into calling them, and said ‘Thank you.
The fire has been controlled,’ but I was said ‘What are you saying? It still blazes intensely outside.’ Then I look out, the exterior wall was burning.” Three days later, it is said that there is really a fire in a neighborhood.
Your dream just occurs in reality as it is. It is exactly a “prophetic dream.” It is said that animals have the ability to feel things by something except the five senses. It is important to prevent a fire from causing in reality in a festive mood that it is the augury of good.


How about things mentioned above?
The oneiromancy can teach you many things. Then it is good very much to refer to the experiences of other persons.
Since you can briefly examine the oneiromancy in the net and books, please take advantage of them!
If you read this article and gain profound knowledge about the oneiromancy as much as possible, it will be a real pleasure for me.



7 happened events after a dream of fire

・ Salary improves
・ Lottery win (small amount of money version)
・Lottery win (big hit version)
・ Dream of fire that expresses your desire
・ Oneiromancy happens to fail
・ Happiness to be pregnant
・ Possibility called a prophetic dream

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