Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words

Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words

It is an encounter and a parting season to leave for the new environment in spring. The new encounter is a thing full of the hope that enlarges the world of own that before, but the parting with the person who after all is close is lonely.

There will be the person who possibly seem to be crushed … which may not already meet by such an uneasiness who does not know when you can meet again next.

However, how about without being pessimistic about the goodbye with an only lacking thing when I do it at an opportunity to convey the feeling of conventional thought and thanks? In one without own which is introduced a feeling into well, it is recommended to entrust flower language with the thought.

A true feeling may reach it a person to give floral art than direct words towards the other party.

I want to introduce a flower and the flower language appropriate for the goodbye to give for graduation this time.

Seven flowers appropriate for the goodbye that I want to hand to graduation and moving.

Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words


1: Duranta

“Duranta” is pretty floral art to let a flower of the bluish violet approximately 1cm bloom into a fan form. The flower language “wants to watch you”.

When I am always in the side, I become apt to forget importance and the value of the person. I notice that it is an irreplaceable person for oneself only after I leave it.

As for you, the partner should become the same feeling, too. Feelings “to want to support a figure doing its best” that “want to watch you” even if I leave it distantly will overflow.

However, it is hard to speak of the thought very much. The gentle feeling should surely arrive in such a case if I give it this floral art.


2: Kalmia

Of the kind hue that dish-shaped pink, red, white and woman like at the time of the flowering as for “the kalmia” of the form such as the confetto at the age of a bud have a heated it. The flower language is “big hope”.

It is apt to have big uneasiness so far to leave the place where I got used to. However, nothing begins even if pessimistic about the future. With thought, “we are all right if it seems to be you and is because there should be happy time and the encounter with a wonderful person”, let’s give it this flower.

I should be able to be relaxed if I have big hope than I have uneasiness. If a feeling comes loose, it becomes nature and the smile, and a wonderful encounter will be waiting.


3: Kalanchoe

Having a carnose leaf, “the kalanchoe” opening five pieces of petals in a star is loved towards most as a garden variety. The flower language is “many memories”.

I sometimes spent happy time and I sometimes quarrelled and have become awkward. However, all should become the good memory now.

It is good to do its best hard in the new ground, but I sometimes soak myself in the memory with friends and am necessary at time to relax. When we give the person who always does its best too much a kalanchoe and “we watch this flower and remember me,” let’s tell.

Then, I think that there is time to be able to take a break.


4: Zinnia

As for “the zinnia which is called “the zinnia “because I have a heated it during a long period from early summer to late fall,” a kind is to 15 kinds. There is the color of the flower in the green kind to have a heated not to mention pink and white with richness. The flower language of such a zinnia “yearns for the remote friend distantly”.

When distance leaves it distantly, I become afraid that the feeling may gradually leave it. When there is such an uneasy feeling, let’s give it this floral art.

The zinnia can enjoy floral art during the period that is longer than other flowers. I remember your face whenever I watch a displayed zinnia, and it will be possible with a feeling forward when “I will try it hard today”.


5: Sweet pea

“The sweet pea” which is almost always put if I go to a flower shop. Make a big butterfly-shaped flower bloom and white, a pink orange and the color are abundant, too and please us. The flower language is “a gentle memory”.

At the time that I spent together, it is lifetime property so far. The memory is not a thing left in the form. Therefore it is memorized in a heart clearly at substantial time.

When it might be hot, I remember the “gentle memory”, and a sweet pea will help with courage to embark on before one step.
It should become the confidence by all means even if I succeed if one step can step forward even if I fail.


6: Pincushion

The spherical “pincushion” to have a heated of 9-10cm flowers in spring and can enjoy floral art for 6-8 weeks. The flower language of such a pincushion is by but “it is anywhere success”.

The life in the new ground does not often go well and may be discouraged on the way. This flower is recommended if I put thought “to want to challenge it without giving it up and to succeed”.

It is not a bad thing to repeat failure. It is necessary trouble, to think thoroughly so that a day to succeed comes without wasting the failure. The troubled time is a hard thing, but the bright future will be waiting over there.


7: Forget-me-not

“Forget-me-not” to let a small flower approximately 5-10mm bloom in sequence. Pure violet is an impressive flower. Without the flower language “forgetting me” according to the name of the flower.

I introduced forward flower language, but the parting with a close person is a lacking thing until now. A feeling “to want you to forget me” even if I go in the distance is the feelings that anyone has.

I convey these words and understand the thought not to want to annoy a partner, is it not good to tell obediently if the lonely thing is lonely?
It is both to be lonely. Let’s give it this floral art in hope of seeing again sometime without forgetting it.

The flower appropriate for the goodbye how.


Before the life, it always comes together with an encounter and the parting. I do not know when the parting can meet again lonely either and possibly may not meet anymore.
Therefore the words by the parting are very important.

Let’s give it wonderful words and floral art to make a conventional important memory a better memory. The heart should be able to be surely connected even if I leave it distantly.

Because you introduced just one copy this time, please do it for your information. Please choose a flower and the goodbye heartily while remembering the face of the partner.



Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words

1: Duranta”I want to watch you”
2: Kalmia “big hope”
3: Kalanchoe “many memories”
4: A zinnia “yearns for the remote friend distantly”
5: Sweet pea “gentle memory”
6: Pincushion “anywhere success”
7: Without forget-me-not “forgetti

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