Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

There is a famous Greek myth of iris flower. Even though Zeus was courting a beautiful servant Iris, she wanted to refuse it, so she asked his wife Hera to change her into rainbow. Then, she was wearing a seven-coloured necklace and was splashed with alcohol of God.

The flower got its name from the Greek word for rainbow.

You may be happy when you found rainbows after a thunderstorm. However, they disappear soon and it is hard to find them.

Rainbows are like a symbol of hope. Do you like to know what language of flowers iris flower has? Do you like to learn how to make great cards using language of iris?

Here are some ways to write cards with language of iris flowers.

Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards


Love messages

In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow as well as the mother of Eros, the God of love. When she became the goddess, she also became the messenger between heaven and earth. She may have sent love messages.

So, one of language of flower “love messages” came from her roles as a messenger. Do you want to express your feelings to someone you like? It can work if you write this language on a card.


Happy messages

Another language “happy messages” also came from Iris’ roles. There is basically no connection between heaven and earth. By connecting the two different worlds, there might have been an interchange between gods and humans. Humans can have been waiting for messages from gods.

When you send a happy message, a receiver would be happy too. So why don’t you write this language? You will be happier.



Do you know that an iris flower is used for French coat of arms? It is also the national flowers of France. Do you remember the lily emblem in “The rose of Versailles”? The “lily” is actually an iris flower.

But why was iris chosen as French coat of arms?

It dates back to the 6th century. The king of France, Corbis joined a battle against the Goths. But he was drive into a corner at the Rhine river. At that time, he found iris flowers bloomed in the river. This means that it is a shallow river. So he crossed the river and safely returned his country.

Someone is waiting for you to come back. So why don’t you send the person a flower gift with a card? He/she will be glad to hear from you.


Good news

As mentioned, Corbis, the king of France, could return to his country because of iris flowers. It could have been great news for his nations. Also, his troops may have been so happy when they found the iris. For sure, their families ware really happy to have their husbands and sons back.

This means that iris flowers are great flowers that send their family members back to them. So, one of language of flowers “good news” can be very useful. Do you want to send someone a card with your good news?


Gracious heart

The reason why an iris is considered as a rainbow flower is that its colour is deep purple. The flowers which bloom facing upwards look elegant and gracious.

You can to be elegant by wearing something. It comes from true beauty. Therefore, it is not easy to be so.

You may look unapproachable is you are elegant. However, “gracious heart” means to have elegant aura and be gentle.

This language of flowers can match with a person you admire.


I’ll take care of you

In France, an iris flower is a rainbow flower as well as a symbol of battle.

As Corbis, the king of France, could safely return to his country due to iris flowers, he chose the flower as the emblem of spears. Then, when Louis Ⅶ went on the Crusade, it was officially chosen as the crest of the royal family.

A language “I’ll take care of you” is originally a message for soldiers. But not only soldiers are fighting. You can give this message to a person who faces and overcomes difficulties. He/she will know that you are always with him/her.


I’m burning with love

Iris flowers are very interesting as there is a romantic myth of them as well as it is a symbol of battle. They have straight stems and thin leaves facing upwards. This characteristic is associated with a sword, so that the flower is sometimes called a lily of sword.

When you hear “I am burning of love”, you may imagine burning flames, especially flames of love. Love may be a battle between men and women.

It can be great if you use this passionate language of flowers when you propose. You will get a perfect person.


When Iris was disguised by Hera, iris flowers bloomed in a place where drops of the alcohol were dropped. That’s why the flower is called a rainbow flower in western countries.

Like Iris became the goddess of the rainbow and the messenger between heaven and earth, the language of flowers can help you to build a good relationship with someone you like.

You don’t need many words. Just write language of iris on a card. Simple words can express your feelings very well.



Language of flowers – iris: 7 ways to write great cards

– Love messages
– Happy messages
– News
– Good news
– Gracious heart
– I’ll take care of you
– I’m burning with love

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