13 Websites: Free Fortune-Telling

13 Websites: Free Fortune-Telling

Japanese fortune telling, called “Eki”, came from China about 3000 years ago. Lots of supreme ruler of each era used “Eki”, and governed their countries. Also nowadays many people are familiar to “Eki”.

It is said that the concept of “Eki” is “The world is composed of implicitly and explicitly”. The foreteller uses long sticks, which is called “Dividing sticks”. These sticks represent all the world of creation. But this way is very complicated and takes lots of time, so it is not practical. That’s why nowadays foretellers use coins or dices for “Eki”. Moreover, we can play it on the Internet.

So now I will introduce you 13 recommended fortune telling websites for free. The most important thing is your serious attitude for the fortune telling. Breathe deeply, and watch your PC carefully.

13 Websites: Free Fortune-Telling

NO.1 Real Four Pillar Astrology


The free website may solve your problem. The fortune telling gives you advice that you need. Also its result changes depend on your situation, so it may guide you right way.


NO.2 Palace of Fortune-Telling

【究極の易占】本日の開運指南〜出逢い、恋愛、仕事、対人関係〜 | cocoloni占い館 Moon

We need write your name, birthday, and sex on the website for playing it.
We can know today’s fortune, and what we have to do now.


NO.3 MSN Fortune Telling

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The website may tell you your fortune, especially about love. If you lost your way, the result will guide you good way.


NO.4 Diviner’s Advice for Happiness


What is your happiness? You can know the sign of your happiness on the website.


NO.5 Ekikyo Net


This website uses a special way of “Eki”. The special “Eki” uses 9 coins.


NO.6 Takashima Ekidan

高島易断 無料鑑定

The founder of “Takashima Ekidan” believes that “Eki” is the tool which can communicate with God and human. If you want to know the truth, devote yourself to god.


NO.7 Eki

易 − 周易で貴方を占うWeb易断です
Web易断 中国古来の筮竹を用いた周易(略筮法)によって、貴方を占います。易者が筮竹を使って占う様子を再現した、無料の易占いです。

The website uses animation about during the Eki fortune-telling. It has 3 points to notice. Consider yourself before you start it, do not play twice about same thing, and do not play it about injustice thing.


NO.8 Digital Fortune


The website is very simple. Choose one picture, and click it.



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The site uses cards. You can play it quickly, and get understandable answer. How to play is very simple. Be concentrate, and click the button once.


NO.10 Crystal Fortune Telling

無料 易占い 片思いの相手の気持ちは?

The site has 11 menus.
・How does the person who you like think about you now?
・How does your lover think about you now?
・Is the person your soul mate?
・How is going to be the illicit love affair?
・Can I fix this love relationship?
・How do I make our relationship with my lover?
・Does my partner cheat me?
・How should I do to strengthen our love affair?
・What should I do to make my partner love me more?
・what should I do to make him love me more?
・How is going to be next date?
If you have these kinds of worry, click the site now!


NO.11 Free Fortune Telling Paferia


You can choose from the genre “fortune”, “love”, “marriage”, “childbirth”, “relationship”, “person”, “the person you wait”, “lost article”, hope”, travel”, “work”, “negotiation”, “investment”, “lawsuit”. And click these buttons.


NO.12 Panda Fortuneteller


A cute panda tells your fortune.


NO.13 PROLO: The things your partner wants to tell you


Can you understand what your partner think? Let’s ask “the mother of Jiyugaoka”. She may have good solutions.


How was these websites?
We can use these for free. Let’s use these, and enjoy your life.


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