9 thought changes for better fortune

Change of thinking・9 minds to pull a good fortune

We think negative fortune if we had something bad. Let’s have a habit for thinking positive. They’re the 9 ways to be conscious to be positive.

9 thought changes for better fortune 


1.To be conscious of your belief

Everyone learn ‘my own belief’ through the spending life. At first, you can’t pull into every day change or fortune if that belief is negative.

Let’s try to be conscious of your belief. If you get catch up in the negative one, let’s try to make the best of changing a positive thinking.

◆a negative belief

・I’m such a person
・My skill is such a thing
・I don’t change

◆a positive belief

・I’m changing day by day. Now, I’m a secret identity.
・My skill is a little better than yesterday.
・Growing up every day, this is my change and a proof of it.


2.To say aloud your positive feeling

Even if you imagine something positive, it is within the thinking brain area and rarely connect a real acts. It’s important to say aloud your positive feeling and to tell into the acting area again. A saying aloud, your feelings are pulled together and they will be input in yourself again.

Let’s say aloud the positive words which you imagine in your mind.


3.To acknowledge that a negative thinking comes to you again and again

It says that in our brain “A status quo program is incorporated. ”A brain which hates changing attacks itself by various means and somehow tries not to change.

As starting a diet, While I go for it, another I murmur the negative words ( for example, in 2 weeks I will go drinking so after that I can do it.) and interrupt you.

At the same time “You don’t need to change anyway..” or “I know you may fail. ”when you think about“I’ll change the way of thinking.”; Let’s acknowledge that  it’s a habit of original human beings. And a negative thinking goes through our head many times.


4.To stop the negative idea many times

When you feel a negative emotion, focus on the most recent practice process and let’s stop the negative thinking. I suppose to concentrate on the way for it from the goal.

Ex.) Thinking to lose 5kg this month→feeling a negative thinking→Depart from the target 5kg , turn the thought to 10 minutes. joggingfor a diet process, and stop the negative thinking.


5.To try to begin ,at first, from the things in reason

The present conditions preservation program of the brain extremely conflicts with minus if going to extremely change. If you keep the present condition without interrupting, we only cheat that program. The cheating way is to do with enough time when you start little by little.

For example, the belief which I introduced in chapter 1, the story of changing your belief; If you try to change so quickly, you are interrupted. So, from today, you don’t eager to change all positive but it’s important only 1 hour or once a day.

The present conditions preservation program of the brain once become a habit, this time it becomes ‘to do nothing is a change’and ‘can not help doing it’; It means this is the continuing side of you so let’s do it consciously.


6.To change your expression・be conscious

We are a creature who can’t live alone. We have communications between a person and a person. It’s so important to focus on thecommunications, too.

At first let’s be conscious on a smile and a greeting. The change of an expression myself gives only a good impression but others become kind to you.


7.To try a monitoring

Let’s look around you. If there’s some people to be aggressive and lively, to hear the way of thinking himself or the mental feeling is also of some help.

Especially, to check the process to that thinking is important. If you can hear the way you are satisfied with, let’s try right now.


8.Not to blaime others’failures

In doing, some people fall into self-hate with a negative idea or act. As for such a person, let’s be conscious that it’s negative itself. Every day, we have some changes or failures.

We require the feeling “some failure as usual” and don’t blame you. It’s important that continuing mind is not eroded with a negative feeling.


9.To dare to challenge your unfavorite or something uncomfortable

We don’t grow up with only something fun. The way thinking is the same ; in living having no change, we rarely have a chance to change the way of thinking.
It’s an effective way to dare to challenge aggressively; to your unfavorite or uncomfortable that you all the time require a positive thinking.


What do you think?
Changing to think, the act changes, too. Youcan affect others around. And a spiral of happiness will start. Please try them!


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