7 ways to handle Gemini personality for love

7 ways to handle Gemini personality for a relationship

A Gemini comes the third in 12 ecliptic star signs, between 21 May and 21 June. Gemini people can do the several things at the same time, and they always have 2 opposite thoughts (activity and negativity, motion and stillness, reason and emotion) in their mind.

Today, I’ll introduce you the Gemini features you should know to have a better relationship. Take a look at it, and make the person you love pay attention to you.

7 ways to handle Gemini personality for love


They are well-informed. Ask him/her the latest news!

Comet, which controls information and messages, is the domination planet of Gemini. Gemini people know a lot about the latest information, so make it a starter of the conversation.

By the way, Gemini people tend to talk fast and clearly. They are so sure about their opinion. But they tend to change the subject very often, and therefore they can’t talk about one thing for a long time.

You might be upset about them changing subject too much, but there are just a lot of new subjects in their mind. So just understand it.


Is a Gemini person a liar?

They can adjust themselves to the situation, but on the other hand, they keep changing what they say based on the situation. So some people say they are a liar, which is not necessarily true.

Actually, people say that they are twice better than other signs in terms of the skill of handling information. Which is to say, they can handle a lot of information in a short period of time. Their mind is always working at full blast.

They take action quickly to anything, and they always think about more than two things at the same time. It’s like they are one person but they have two people exchanging opinions in their mind.

By reading this might makes you tired, but this is Gemini personality. Because they are good at handling information, they could have an extreme contradiction.

Imagine the stress when you can’t decide your mind. Isn’t it exhausting? But Gemini people still say things clearly, so others never imagine that there is that quick mind going on in their brain.

This is the possible reason why they are called a liar. But they just work always at full blast. If they keep changing the subjects, understand it and wait.


Shallow and wide relationships

Gemini people get on in the world smoothly with the information and knowledge, and they have a lot of friends. But in a romantic relationship, then don’t like to be only with one person all the time. They prefer a lighter relationship so they can enjoy themselves with others.

They are always thinking about two things anyway. They look at from things to things, which means they get bored easily.

They can’t help feeling that it’s boring to be with one person, and therefore they might look for another person. Even they want to focus on one thing, but somehow they can’t.

People often think that Gemini people are cold. But when they are in a relationship, they try to have time only with the lover, and they also have time with each other’s friends. You should enjoy new things with them, and build an exciting relationship.


There are full of curiosity

Gemini people have a quick mind, and they are very inquisitive and curious about anything. So they just do what they are interested. For example, drawing pictures, creating something and playing the instrument. But they get bored easily!

They can’t stick to one thing. Their interest moves to other things before they finish what they do. As a result of it, there are a lot of unfinished things around them. How you follow their quick mind would be the key to have a relationship with them.


They want to know anything!

Gemini people are always full of curiosity. They can’t leave the thing they don’t know. Maybe they have sought answers until they were happy since they were small.

By solving questions with them, the relationship will be stronger and you can learn a lot of things. Maybe. They could keep asking you questions if they are not convinced, so don’t be annoyed of them and just try to answer the questions.


Don’t miss their sign of help

Gemini people are always bright and cheerful, but actually they are worried all the time. They are weak and sensitive mentally. But they show the help sign when something isn’t ok with them, and it’s easy to notice.

They look free-spirited, but they are weak for loneliness and sad. Don’t leave them alone, but ask them if everything is ok. Gemini people get energy by talking to someone.

After speaking their mind, they will be cheerful again.


Two-sided personality to justify contradiction

As you might know already, the biggest feature of Gemini personality is two-sided, but in a good way. They have a talent to see two sides of things very quickly.

They also have a quick mind and say things very clearly, so they could give others wrong idea about them. If you want to have a good relationship with Gemini people, understand these features and try to support them.


How was this article?

Of course, there are lot of different people and therefore not all of them have these features. But by knowing these features, you don’t need to be upset or shocked by them too much.

Also, there is no one fixed style for a romantic relationship. It’s up to you now. It would be great if this article helps people who want to understand Gemini personality. I hope your serious feeling will be delivered to the person you love.



7 ways to handle Gemini personality for love

・They are well-informed. Ask him/her the latest news!
・Is a Gemini person a liar?
・Shallow and wide relationships
・There are full of curiosity
・They want to know anything!
・Don’t miss their sign of help
・Two-sided personality to justify contradiction


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