Get good luck with the right Crystal bracelet for you!

Get good luck with the right Crystal bracelet for you!

It is said that a power stone causes good luck. Recently do you not see often the person who wears the bracelet of the natural stones such as beads? When you choose the stone you want to wear, it is the Crystal that most people encounter at the beginning and is good for the beginners. It is the natural stone which is effective to increase your concentration, to raise the physical and mentally strength, and to be the talisman against evil.

Although many people want to wear a bracelet, you do not know where you should buy it, how to choose and how to maintain. I do not want to threaten it, but there is the case to draw the precisely the opposite result of bringing you luck depending on how to choose stones carefully.

The maintenance called the purification is really necessary because the natural stone absorbs the life energy of badness and the stone itself fatigues. Today I will tell you about charm of the Crystal and about the right handling patterns on the base of the correct knowledge.

Get good luck with the right Crystal bracelet for you!


Recognize the Crystal as a holy stone

The Crystals are loved all over the world since ancient times. It is familiar to and loved by the people of the world since olden days in the way of the birthstone of April and the stone given for the 12th wedding anniversary. It has the wide range of effects, the depuration and the functions such as turning the negative energy or the wave motion back to normal or leading it to the harmonization or the integration.

Because it holds such a power, it has been used for the accessories such as necklaces or bracelets, prayers, rituals, divination, talismans against evil, charms, and additionally currencies in the long sweep of history.

The Crystals are produced in Japan and Switzerland, the United States, Canada, but the main place of origin is Brazil where the high transparency of stones are produced. The prized ones are the sparse Himarayan Crystals, which contain few impurities and mined by hand in the place where people reach with climbing up a mountain road for a week. The real things produced in the place close to the gods will be very expensive


Know that the quality is proportional to the amount of money

As previously described, the Crystals of Himalayan high altitude are expensive. You do not know the area of production only with looking at the stone. Therefore it is not recommend that you may seize on cheap things easily. Since it is the bracelet that you can get having some relationship with it, you should become careful.

Particularly the natural stones have the property of soaking up the vital energy of goodness and that of badness. The stones which are sold at a lower price and treated crudely in large quantity gain meaningful value, and the ones which are treated carefully are worthy of investment.

There is the story that a negative thing happened after the stone purchased cheaply on the net came to home. Cheap and nasty surely hold true of the Crystals.


Trust your instincts because the encounter will depend on a relationship

You cannot encounter the good Crystal bracelet as long as you are looking for it hungrily.

In the same way as the relations between the persons, there is the comfortable encounter or relationship even for articles and shops.
You may feel regret that you make an impulse purchase or buy something on the net or at the auction without seeing the actual thing. You keep what you want in mind and go around as many stores as you want, and you should buy it to the extent that you can in consultation with your wallet as soon as you like it.

In addition, you should buy it when you look at and want it. Conversely you should not do when you feel unpleasant. It is best to listen to your instincts setting it aside to be bad for the person of the store or to be forcibly pushed


Choose the bracelet with wearing it

Try to see the Crystal bracelet wearing it by all mean. At first feel your feeling of wearing it by yourself. If you feel heavy, it is the stone which has lower energy than you have and will absorb your power.

It is the time to buy when you feel it is physically beautiful, makes your heart stand still, or is pretty. It is good for the size not to be tight but to be molded around your wrist. They can adjust it in the store, and you should fix your right size without gap preventing it from being too tight or not being oversized.


Know the method for the purification

In the same way as a person get tired, the crystal bracelet also will do. Give it a rest and get a charge of energy because it soaks up various vital energy for you and protect you. At first, cleanse it with running water since tap water is acceptable. If you have a chance to go to the place where you can get spring water, you avoid becoming a nuisance to other people and wash away with it. It is more effective.

In the method to purify with salt, put salt on Japanese writing paper (if there is not it, then a paper towel or a dish), put the bracelet on it and leave it overnight. In the case of burying it within salt, wrap it because rubber will be damaged.
In addition, it is effective for the purification to leave it in the moonlight of the full moon or the light of the sun. The last is the way to put it on top of the Crystal cluster. And it is important to be affectionate with the stone and to thank it since the stone dulls rapidly if you do not take care of it.


Do maintenance

The Crystal bracelet is held with rubber, and ask to repair it as soon as you find hangnails on rubber. And take it off while taking a bath. Because it will change color or dull with the chlorine in the pool, the sulfur of the ingredient of hot spring in particular, take it off by all means. You should think that the stone is sensitive and has life.


Know the affinity of the stone

Because the Crystal is compatible with all stones, it is good for the connection of the bracelet. However, because there is the compatibility between other stones, note that it should not get tired with being sandwiched by those stones. In addition, you should not neglect the maintenance of the Crystal because the charge (purification) effect of other stones exerts influence.


How about things mentioned above?

The Crystal bracelet is compatible with any stone and is the versatile natural stones with the effect of the purification. You should believe the encounter with the stone and take priority of the good intuition when choosing. If you feel unpleasant, refrain from buying because it is not the encounter good for both the Crystal and the shop.

Because it is the Crystal that soaks up the bad vibes and the vital energy of goodness, it is necessary to keep cool and uncompromising before you go any further. The Crystal bracelet does not do a good job because it remains absorbing bad vibes if you do not do maintenance properly. It comes to produce the contrary effect.

Take care of the bracelet with replacing rubber to prevent it from breaking. The Crystal bracelet builds up the defenses widely, repels the bad vibes and heals your heart. Please achieve the encounter with the good stone.



Get good luck with the right Crystal bracelet for you!

・ Recognize the crystal as a holy stone
・ Know that the quality is proportional to the amount of money
・ Trust your hunch because the encounter will depend on a relationship
・ Choose the bracelet with wearing it
・ Know the method for the purification
・ Maintain it
・ Know the affinity of the stone

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