7 Tips to Please Your Girlfriend with Gifts of Surprise

7 Tips to Please Your Girlfriend with Gifts of Surprise

They say that Japanese women like surprises while they live in Japan where there are few surprises.  It might be because they rarely have a chance of surprise event, they dream of such events.  For those guys who would like to arrange a surprise event for their girlfriends at least on a special day, presenting here is how to have their partners delighted with a surprise gift.  Check it out, now!

Be sure not to choose a present that may ruin everything which you prepare with all the efforts; for, guys tend to choose a regrettable present as a result of depending on their own taste.

7 Tips to Please Your Girlfriend with Gifts of Surprise


First, Collect Information

Since it is a surprise present, you cannot ask your girlfriend what she wants. It, therefore, requires a technique to have her mention it while she does not notice. Get information on her teste of clothes, food, hobby, as well as what she wants and where she want to visit through daily small talks.

Information keeps updated every day as she might have already bought something she had wanted, which makes your present duplicate. Therefore, always trust the latest information. Generally, people who plan a surprise event tend to employ information a few weeks prior to the event. It, thus, is better to make a final check few days before the event.


Give Her a Gift on an Ordinary Day Instead of Her Birthday

On Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, and birthday, there are many women believe it is natural for their partners to throw a surprise party. Those women are ready to be surprised on such days, which greatly reduce their pleasure. That is why, an ordinary day is recommended for a surprise gift.

Try to please her on a day without any special meaning like an anniversary by going out for a date with a surprise present. Because she has no idea on the surprise, the whole thing will turn to be a surprise. Be sure not to get nervous and show her unusual attitude so that she will not doubt there is something going on. Keep ordinary attitude and surprise her suddenly to make her happy.


Challenge Something You Are Not Good at

Recently, we hear the word, househusband, who perform chores and cooking at home. When it comes to authentic dishes, not many of them try them or desserts unless they try to be a professional chef.

If you are usually called as hopelessly clumsy, you could surprise your girlfriend by preparing handmade dishes for her. By showing her a different aspect of yours, she will be surprised and probably say, I am seeing you in a new light. Giving her a present after the meal made for her will make the surprise and pleasure double.


Try to Remember Small Talks with Her

This does not mean you have to remember everything she says. It is said, of course, men have a poorer memory than women. Therefore, try to remember important information by taking notes or saving it in your mobile.

Remember things like what she wants, an exam day, a day she cannot miss at work, etc. On such days, text her with complements and make a plan for a date on later day to give her a resent. Visiting her at home without any prior notice would also be a pleasant surprise for her.


Take Her a Romantic Place

There may be some men who try to give some clothes to her. But, that is not enough. Even if you give her very fancy dress saying “if you have a chance…,” she may not have so many occasions to wear like a friend’s wedding or a formal party.

Therefore, you will make a chance for her to wear such dress when to a fancy restaurant where you actually take her. You also give her such opportunity. Remember that it does not have to be an elegant dress. Just a nice dress with a chance to go out with you will do.


Send a Movie to Her

A unique movie you often see at a wedding party to show her is an idea as well. Since it stays long, it makes a good gift. A slide show with a nice music is also a good idea. You could use a professional to make a good movie or slide show if you do not think you are good at making such.
This gift could work if you are in a long-distance relationship by deliver a DVD or mail her URL of the movie or slide show. If you have many mutual friends, making a video of “Sketchbook Relay” with the friends’ messages will also be a good idea.


Hand Her a Gift in a Creative Way

There is an idea on how to hand her a present with surprise. For example, hiding a ring in a piece of cake or wine for her is often seen in TV shows. As such, good ideas are everywhere.

Other ideas are: giving her a stuffed animal that secretly wears a piece of accessory or holds a letter in its hands; giving her a message card with a hint on treasure hunting to have her search for treasure. Think of a unique way to give her a present based on her characteristics. There is possibility that she may not be surprised depending on her personality. Be prepared well enough to surprise and please her.


Are these tips of assistance to you?

It will be great if you can pass on your sincere feelings that you cannot easily express easily to her. Japanese people seem too shy to execute the plan of surprise events. Yet, if you fail throwing a surprise party for her because of feeling shy, it will probably disappoint her badly. Thus, in order to make it successful, first comes detailed planning, and then, strong will and courage to get it done.

Also important is research of what your girlfriend wants. Since it is a gift of surprise, you cannot ask her directly. Thus, you need to investigate what she really wants through daily conversations. They say that women are pretty sever. So, good luck with your investigation keeping her away from the plan and with your success in pleasing your girlfriend.



7 Tips to Please Your Girlfriend with Gifts of Surprise

・ First, Collect Information
・ Give Her a Gift on an Ordinary Day Instead of Her Birthday
・ Challenge Something You Are Not Good at
・ Try to Remember Small Talks with Her
・ Take Her a Romantic Place
・ Send a Movie to Her
・ Hand Her a Gift in a Creative Way

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