7 good luck images for a happy marriage

7 good luck images to enter into a happy marriage

Recently, even pictures are considered to invite good luck. I searched for “good luck images” on the internet, and I got 16,500 results! There are a lot of images for luck in money and personal relations, but I believe many people are interested in luck in love.

For those who are waiting for a good meeting, I’ll introduce you images for love. Try looking for one you like.

7 good luck images for a happy marriage


Beautiful nature such as trees, sea and water

An image of beautiful nature heals your mind, and it also has 5 elements (water, tree, fire, earth and gold), which is indispensable for feng shui. Water represents love, and a tree represents a development.

Therefore, get an image of water if you are looking for a good meeting, and an image of trees if you want to enter into a marriage. As a new shoot grows by clean water and light and eventually have a fruit, those images will grow your love.


Something which is heart-shaped

There are a lot of images of something heart-shaped. The heart shape represents vital energy and love, and therefore it has a strong power of love.
It will be a good charm for you which helps you from attracting a meeting to getting a happy relationship. It also has a power to bring up a charm from someone who has it.


Flowers and clovers

Flowers and clovers are both very good to improve your luck in attracting new meetings. Each type and color of flowers has its own power, but popular flowers as a image are rainbow rose and cherry blossom.

They are considered to attract a chance for love or a miracle. They also make your mind peaceful, and improve your softness as a woman.



Enjoying closeness with animals are effective for healing and releasing stress. It’s effective only by looking at images and pictures of them. The best image for love is of animals with something heart-shaped. There are images of pandas, cats, flamingos, dolphins, etc.

They are images that draw a maternity instinct and kindness. When you are too busy or exhausted, try looking at these images. You will be able to relax.


Sunset, moon and sky

I heard that a lot of people have reported the effect of “the pink sunset”. There are also images of the blue sky and aurora, but the moon is also recommended. The moon has a close relation with women, and it power strongly affects love.

If you want to be close to someone you have met recently, it’s considered to be good to text the person on the fourth and sixth day since the time of a new moon.


Angels and Fudoson

Fudoson in Jojuin is proven by a knowledgeable Buddhist monk. Also at Imado shrine in Asakusa, which is famous for the power for love, there are many people coming every day to take a photo of a beckoning cat there.

Both are very strong as the things for the god. But you can’t wish for something bad for others. Even if you have a rival, try to wish that the person you like, you, and the rival will become happy.


Miwa Akihiro

What this person says heal, encourage and sometimes whip people who have problems for anything. A lot of people have reported that his image has a power to improve luck in anything.

A pink image works for luck in love, and yellow one works for luck in money. There is also the one which gives you a wonderful meeting in one week.

For people who want to know the truth of the life or improve themselves, it may be very good to have his image on the cell phone screen.


Was this article interesting?

You must have heard a lot of stories about the effect of good luck images. There are images to bring you a good meeting, improve your luck in love, make your relationship stronger and make you reconcile.

People can be positive by making their belief clearer with information from their eyes or hypnotizing themselves. It doesn’t help if you just think that you want to meet someone great. You can get a calm mind and have hopes by getting information from images, or motivate yourself.

People who can keep having hopes look very attractive to others, and the sparkle attracts more lucks. I hope you will meet someone special soon.



7 good luck images for a happy marriage

・Beautiful nature such as trees, sea and water
・Something which is heart-shaped
・Flowers and clovers
・Sunset, moon and sky
・Angels and Fudoson
・Miwa Akihiro


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