7 successful stories of good luck images

7 successful stories of good luck imagesSmartphone and cells are indispensable today. Because of them, everyone has their own image on their screen, which you can customize as you like. It doesn’t need a space unlike a power stone. This time, let’s learn about famous good luck images.


7 successful stories of good luck images


Capitalize on luck of TV personalities

Talking about Japanese TV personalities, Miwa Akihiro for luck in money and Tamori for luck in children used to famous, but recently there are different TV personalities that are popular as a screen images. First, Matsuko Deluxe with no makeup for strong luck, and Fukuyama Masaharu for good luck.

Tsukitei Happo is getting popular among young people for luck in love. But only a certain image is the case. Carry pamyupamyu is also popular. The image of her weird face which she updated on her twitter, calling it “Carry, the Seven Deities of Good Fortune”. Some TV personalities have a strong power even in their image.


“Beckoning cat” for lotteries

There is “a stone cat for rubbing” in Imado shrine. Rub it with your heart and set an image of it as a home screen image. If you wish on the image every day, your wish will come true. In fact, a lot of people reported happiness to the shrine, and there were 4 people who won 100 million yen in a lottery. You better go to the shrine and make a wish, and take a picture of the cat by yourself, than just downloading the image.


“Mount Fuji” and “Red dragon” for luck

“Red dragon”. A red dragon-shaped cloud which appeared on the bottom of Mt. Fuji like a dream. In a photo book “REDDRAGON” by Miyazawa Masaaki, he talked about the situation when he took the photo. Entrepreneurs and creators claimed that their luck improved right after they decorated the image of the red dragon.

Oddly enough, Miyazawa Masaaki went to the place of the picture because he saw the scenery in his dream. You might get a marvelous power just by looking at the image, which is extremely fantastical.


A phantasmal “skeleton dog” for luck

One day, a “skeleton dog”, which was a famous urban legend among animal lovers, was taken a photo. There are many urban legends about dogs such as “black dog” in the world, but they are never seen in reality.

There is a rumor that people who saw it will get luck, and there are actually some people who saw it. Even if it’s considered a good luck image, it just might be a ghost picture. This image in the result of a coincidence definitely has strong luck, but what will it bring to the person who has it?


Take a photo of “dragon god”

There is “Mitsumine shrine” as one of the famous power spots. If you pour water on the stone path at the shrine, a dragon god will appear there. This first happened in 2012, which was the year of a dragon in the Chinese astrological calendar. Therefore it’s considered a very lucky thing.

A lot of tourists visit the shrine to take a photo of the dragon god, and set it as a screen image for its strong power. This shrine gets a lot of visitors especially because it’s placed in one of the biggest power spots in Kanto area of Japan.


“Turtle stone”, an important energy source in Kanto area

People say that “a turtle stone” at Meiji shrine is a good image for luck. This shrine is always very busy with a lot of people including TV personalities. Strong energy comes from people’s heads, so include them into our photo.


“Albino” and “leucism”, white animals enshrined as an apostle of the god

Have you seen a white sneak? In some areas, people used to have faith in it as the god of ground. Actually, white animals have been believed as apostles of the god in Japan.

In Japanese culture, white is considered a sacred color. A white sneak is also known as an apostle of the god of money, so if you want to have luck in money, this is the image for you.


Was this article useful?

It looks like people who gained good luck by good luck images didn’t just set the image on their screen. They also did some things such as going to a power spot and taking a photo by themselves.

Maybe good luck won’t come to you unless you make an effort. Good luck images can help you get luck, but they lose power sometimes because they are shown to others as well.

I think it’s better to have a picture of people you love on your phone screen than trying to keep luck with weird photos. Your mind will be peaceful by looking at the warm image of people, and it will make you motivate yourself for good luck.



7 successful stories of good luck images

・Capitalize on luck of TV personalities
・”Beckoning cat” for lotteries
・”Mount Fuji” and “Red dragon” for luck
・A phantasmal “skeleton dog” for luck
・Take a photo of “dragon god”
・”Turtle stone”, an important energy source in Kanto area
・”Albino” and “leucism”, white animals enshrined as an apostle of the god


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