The seven reasons you shouldn’t have sex at second date

The seven reasons you shouldn’t have sex at second date
You got boy or girl friend, so you’re ready to go to bed…but which date do you forgive to do that? The first one? After five times or until ten? Or you won’t before marriage? There are a lot of answers.


We suggest that you shouldn’t have sex at second date with your lover. It seems that someone say “of course” but others can’t agree.


So, we’re going to see reach reasons. You maybe understand opinion of the other side.

The seven reasons you shouldn’t have sex at second date


Don’t accept easily

Most people who say “Don’t make love too early!” think you won’t be valued by your boy friend if would do.

Because from the point of men hunter’s values in ancient times, they treat game which was hard to get tenderly but in opposite one don’t.

However, woman might be able to understand in recent years that not only man who is hunter.


Give some stimulus

Like we said above, man treat woman tenderly if she is hard to get. So you should keep man in suspense more.

For example when you kiss with your boy friend in his house, he might think we’ll have sex after that. But you’ll say “That’s all for today.”and go home. How about it? He must pursue game(you) stubbornly because it can’t get easily. He will be impressed when you can accept him finally.

But you need to pay attention. If you keep him in suspense too much he may think it’s disappointment. Deal with it as you think fit.


Enjoy imagination

It’s an early privilege you can enjoy imaging which date you’ll join hands, kiss and more with your lover. But it’s limited time. Because you would go all the way with, the imagination would be real one.

So if you want to enjoy it for a long time you must prolong to have sex. You can enjoy it and be happy as much as you can without any troubles around you.

And more the imagination will be an image training when you do actually. You can use it to tell your wish to your lover.


Indulge the platonic

Maybe a lot of women long for a pure relationship like an extension of a friend you see in manga. But after going all the way with the platonic days will be finished. You can enjoy before that.

And if you say your boyfriend you want to be back to platonic relationship after having sex many times, he might not be accept that. He will be anxious if you reject him because man is more sensitive than woman think.

But some men can allow to do if you can explain the reason why you want to be back to platonic relationship.

It’s not good to have sex too early. You should seize your own pace at this time.


Be along with his pace

Women think about having sex one thing or another. Men also think about it. So do you try to be along with him?

So you shouldn’t give an action at the first or second date because you should let your boyfriend lead. Then you can know guess his personality and plan. If you can’t understand his after all perhaps it’s better to break up anymore.

However, if it terns out well, you can feel your boyfriend think of you truly and he can lead you and have responsibility. It’s recommended for knowing your lover.


Make sure your lover think of you truly

At first, reject certainly if you’re tempted at your first or second date. If you don’t, you would be labeled as “bitch”. And if he’ll feel bad only that it means all he wants is just get laid.

But if you reject second one and accept at third date, you will be recognized as nice women.

By the way, if you reject two times you he might cool down his feeling of you. You have to tell him your feeling if you’re not ready.


The standard having sex is at third to fifth date

In fact, it’s said that both man and woman think to want to have sex at third to fifth date. Maybe it’s appropriate. Do it too early can’t lead your deep love but too late will let your love cool down.

We think it’s like a fermentation of bread. To rest more and more doesn’t make delicious bread.

But it’s just the standard. It doesn’t suit for everyone. The most important thing is your feeling and timing.


How was it?

If it’s your first sex especially you can’t accept dating only two times. It will be inconvenience for you.
The man is the person you love really? Can you believe him? You need to think more.

But if you and he are advanced about love or each people don’t mind to have sex at first or second date or you have a stable relationship before that, we don’t mention it. Just say good luck!

It’s very difficult the relationship of humans especially love. However what man and woman close to each other make modest and happy time. Do your best for your happy future!



The seven reasons you shouldn’t have sex at second date

・Don’t accept easily
・Give some stimulus
・Enjoy imagination
・Indulge the platonic
・Be along with his pace
・Reject once at least
・The standard having sex is at third to fifth date