7 knack of how to make a Hawaiian quilt for beginner

7 knack of how to make a Hawaiian quilt for beginner

Hawaiian quilt is a traditional quilting with the motif of Hawaiian plants and sea creatures.
It has a freshness it seems tropical and a rustic warmth. Unique charm of Hawaiian quilt is very popular for a long time in between the love Hawaii.

The Hawaiian quilt is excellent as the interior of tropical style.
When it’s displayed in the room, the modelling of the quilt will be the nice accent.
It is a longing of Hawaiian quilt, but there is a difficult image for beginners.

Quilting is a necessary work of patience and technology.
Once if you know the charm, you make progress by a feeling, “the next wants to make such an item!” steadily.
This time, I introduce 7 knacks for beginning Hawaiian quilt freely and happily.

Beginners must-see Hawaiian quilt! The 7 ways to make that do not fail


Let’s use a simple kit

As for the Hawaiian kilt, the quilting of the details takes time very much.
So, to make a design and cloth from the beginning to prepare yourself, it is difficult for beginners.
The confidence is not people and beginners, I recommend Hawaiian quilt of kit that sells to a handicrafts shop.

If already you want to use color is determined, if you’re accustomed to using the paper pattern, you may also try to challenge it to make from the cloth.
There is also something a pattern can download by a web, so please look for a favorite one.


Let’s start from a simple motif

To work happily while keeping motivation to production, the motif used for a first quilting will choose something pretty favorite.
But, when you choose the complicated motif first, there seem to be many people who are too difficult, and fail before understanding pleasure of kilting it.

The beginning will choose the simple motif that curve is not complicated and inside quilting is simple, too.
Popular motif for beginners are animals such as healing of Honu and dolphins, and are flowers such as fashionable simple Frangipani and hibiscus.


Writing a diary and blog, and let’s raise motivation!

When you make a Hawaiian quilt for the first time, you think that “I get along well when I do it this way here” and “I want to do it this way more here…” point to be connected next floats to a lot of head.

But when time passes, we forget the point for important progress carelessly and force it.
In order to prevent it, let’s note the reflection point and improvements such as the notebook.

It is also recommended to do a blog of Hawaiian quilt.
It becomes the motivation “to be looked forward to by a reader”, and quality of quilting should be going up.


At first let’s improve sense of accomplishment in a small quilt

At first, let’s goal is to finish one quilting.

To make items is recommended what is a small area, such as coasters and mini cushion.
That sense of accomplishment to finish one is obtained, you have dwarf motivation to the next work.
Nice Hawaiian quilts, not necessarily a large bed covers and tapestries.
When putting a small quilting like a coaster in a mini-frame and displaying it, it will be the art of nice tropical spa -style.
Wind of Hawaii blows into the usual washroom or entrance hall.


Let’s work efficiently by determining the time

A quilting isn’t finished over the day. It is the steady work, even ordinarily it takes several weeks, also a few years when it’ll be a masterpiece.

When you do not make a rule among yourself, you just put it off saying “let’s do it later”, and work is tend to stop.
If the type that you put off things, you should decide time saying “let’s do it how many minutes all day long in this timing”.
Quilting is the same as the musical instrument, it can certainly improve that to practice to continue even a few minutes a day.

Furthermore, Hawaiian quit is visible as much as do it, and of the result appear.
Pleasure increases steadily first even if difficult.


Let’s enjoy easy quilting in print cloth

When you are busy and cannot get time, when you are weak in the installation of the motif, let’s quilt and practice to the cloth on which the picture was printed.
Are there print clothes of a Hawaiian motif and the clothes no longer wearing in the house?
If a carefully quilting to take the edge contour of the printed Hawaiian motif, it looks splendid Hawaiian quilt.
Using the cloth of the cute pattern, please challenge it.


Let’s challenge “the shadow quilt” which a beginner can do

When you are weak in careful work such as the sewing, and the full-scale Hawaiian quilt is still difficult, let’s start from “the shadow quilt” that easy to make even a beginner to be omitted labor.

Shadow quilt, you first the motif temporarily in place, such as glue and ironing.

Then, we will paint and covered with a thin organza on it.
By clarity of organdy is positive, it will finish with a transparent feeling different from the ordinary Hawaiian quilt.

Also in the shadow quilt, there is a kit where the organdy and the motif become complete.
The first time from a simple thing, it would be good to get used to quilting little by little.


How was it?

In this way, Hawaiian quilt will take time and effort to make in every single hand.
Therefore, it is also great joy when it is finished. It is charm of Hawaiian quilt.
A person “to want to begin a Hawaiian kilt from now on,” please utilize well and enjoy time, such as an easy kit and an interval of housekeeping.

It is only one Hawaiian quilt to the world which you put the heart and tucked up carefully.
It should surely become a favorite of your lifetime thing.



Beginners must-see Hawaiian quilt! The 7 ways to make that do not fail

・Let’s use a simple kit
・Let’s start from a simple motif
・Writing a diary and blog, and let’s raise motivation!
・At first let’s improve sense of accomplishment in a small quilt
・Let’s work efficiently by determining the time
・Let’s enjoy easy quilting in print cloth
・Let’s challenge “the shadow quilt” which a beginner can do

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