7 techniques to make a healing house for love luck

7 techniques to make a healing house for love luck

Making a healing house for love luck is easy for everyone, but review your house first.
If you try too much to make a healing house doing lots of things, it won’t work.

A healing house makes your mind calm, so create a healing atmosphere and make your love luck more powerful. Here are some tips to make a healing house for love luck.

Everything around you will change by keeping your mind relaxed. I’ll also introduce you how to make your luck better by taking good luck into your house.

7 techniques to make a healing house for love luck


Make an entrance clean, and organize shoes

The god of love won’t come to a dirty house. First, clean the entrance. You better not leave a lot of shoes outside, which invites bad luck.

Leave only one pair of shoes and put the rest in the shoe box. Make it bright with a light, and decorate fresh flowers. Dried flowers, stuffed animals and dolls absorb bad luck, so don’t put them in the entrance.


Close the lid of the toilet so love luck doesn’t go away

Excreta make luck worse, so keep the lid of the toilet close to block bad luck. To make a healing house, keep the restroom clean all the time, and keep the lid close.

It’s not ok to write an email or read a book in the restroom. Paper is considered to absorb bad luck, so never put a bookshelf in there, and also leave the minimum number of toilet paper.

A restroom is only for excreta, which represent bad luck. A healing house needs a beautiful restroom, so clean it every day. Decorate flowers or a photo or a painting of flowers to clear the air, but don’t put any lucky item.


Make a pink bedroom

Do you pay attention to interiors in your bedroom? Avoid monotone color, especially black. You should choose pink to make a healing house for love luck. Pink is a color for love, and it helps you be more gentle and have a good relationship.

A pink floral pattern would be good for interiors. If you improve your luck even better, sleep in pink pajamas.


Have some plants in a healing house

There are always plants or fresh flowers in a healing house. A plant makes the air clean and enrich your mind. Particularly, the color and smell of fresh flowers have a stimulating influence to sense of see and smell.

Be careful not to kill the flowers. If the flowers died, throw them away as soon as possible so they don’t absorb bad luck. Likewise, don’t decorate dried flowers. Keep the plants clean by wipe the leaves and give them water.


Remove fatigue with aromatic oil

It’s well known that you can get good sleep when you use lavender oil. You can also enjoy other smells based on how you feel. For example, fragrance to motivate you in the morning, to make you relaxed, to make you sleepy nicely. Go to a shop of aromatic oil and get some advice from a shop staff before buying some oil.

Don’t buy too cheap oil, which is not natural. It could blunt your sense of smell or make you sick. Choose the oil that you feel really comfortable. That’s important for a healing house.


Throw away things you don’t need

Organizing a house is considered to reflect your mind. Therefore, messy house means that your mind is also unorganized. You can be more relaxed if your house is tidy, so throw away the things you don’t need anymore, and make your house tidy.


Make a relaxing bathroom

A bathroom is the second relaxing place after a bedroom. A bathroom in a healing house must be a place where you can remove all your fatigue of the day. So mildew and a dirty drain are never acceptable.

Make some time to clean the bathroom so you can enjoy the bath with a relaxing mind. A pink item there will work for your love luck.


What do you think about this article?

It’s never easy to create a healing house. It needs some tips and effort. It’s all about how much you can be relaxed and get good sleep. Your mind will be bigger when you are in a relaxing place, which also affect your luck. Therefore, keep your house clean all the time and decorate some pink interiors.



7 techniques to make a healing house for love luck

・Make an entrance clean, and organize shoes
・Close the lid of the toilet so love luck doesn’t go away
・Make a pink bedroom
・Have some plants in a healing house
・Remove fatigue with aromatic oil
・Throw away things you don’t need
・Make a relaxing bathroom


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