7 different foods that heal your heartbreak

7 different foods that heal your heartbreakIt’s always hard to have heartbreak, and you can never get used to it. But your life goes on no matter what.

You get hungry if you are sad, because you live your life! So today, I’ll introduce 7 different foods to heal it.

They are good for your body and make you feel cheerful, so let’s try. Don’t worry, you never lose your charm. Cry as much as you like, and make your mind calm again.

7 different foods that heal your heartbreak


“Fish” to make your mind peaceful

Have you heard of “omega- 3 fatty acid”? This is well-known essential fatty acid. It affects nerve paths in your brain, and work for depression or a down feeling.

Unfortunately, human body can’t produce this material, so you have to take it from foods. If you have up and down feeling based on seasons, you should also be careful of the amount of vitamin D you take.

When you don’t feel like doing anything, try eating fish such as salmon, sardine or mackerel which has a great amount of fatty acid.


“Meat” to get back a calm and cheerful mind

Have you heard of “serotonin”, which makes your mind stable? If you are lack of this material, you could become violent or get depression.

In order to have more serotonin in your brain, it’s important to take “tryptophan”, which is a material of serotonin. You can’t produce it in your body, either, so again, you should take it from foods.

If you want to get back a cheerful feeling or get out of a negative thought, try eating meat, red-fleshed fish and protein such as soy beans. Especially meat has a great amount of tryptophan, so it’s recommended to eat meat meal when you are down. “Go to yakiniku when you are depressed” was actually scientifically correct.


“Curry”, the best power food

Curry is the food which lets you take vegetables, meat and fish at the same time. Its spice also makes your body and mind balanced. So curry is the best food when you are down.

For your information, add corns into the curry if you want to have hope for your future. A corn has a big amount of sugar, which makes you cheerful even if you eat it only little.

In terms of feng shui, a corn is considered to represent hope for the future because it’s composed of a lot of small pieces (seeds).


“Hot milk” to be relaxed

“Opioid peptide”, which is produced when protein of milk is resolved in your body, has an effect of remission and sleeping. Also, “tryptophan” is said to be a material for serotonin, which has an effect of remission.

Tryptophan is contained in other foods, but it’s easier to take it from milk which is good for digestion and absorption. Also, it contains calcium.

Calcium is known for stopping frustration, so milk will stop the sympathetic nerve from working, and it gives you a relaxing feeling and good sleep. Drink hot milk before going to sleep, and be relaxed.


“Hot chocolate” which heals you with its smell and warmth

When you are in a stormy and frustrating mood, try drinking hot chocolate. Its warmth and smell will heal your mind. The serotonin, an excitatory transmitter which has an effect of remission, makes you feel better.

Cocoa reduces hormone produced by stress, and improves resistance against stress. Furthermore, it makes automatic nerve stable so you can get relaxed. Try drinking hot milk before going to sleep, and hot chocolate when you take a break.


“Wine” which makes your brain relaxed with its color and smell

Wine is considered to contain a great amount of polyphenol, which works for high pressure, anti-aging and beautiful skin. But it has another effect. The recent research has found out that the smell of wine makes your brain relaxed.

Especially “Concord”, “Chardonnay” and “Sauvignon Blanc” have more powerful effects. The appropriate amount is 1 or 2 glasses per day. It would be nice to heal your heartbreak with delicious meal and the smell of wine.


“Carbohydrate”, a resource of everything

I already talked about serotonin several times in this article. It has a function to control excitatory transmitter such as adrenaline and dopamine. You can call it a material of happiness or an ataractic that your body produces.

Carbohydrate contains a kind of amino acid “tryptophan”, which greatly affects the production of serotonin. But it doesn’t mean any carbohydrate is good.

Try eating brown rice and millet bread, which makes the blood sugar go up and down gradually, than white rice and wheat products, which makes the blood sugar do up and down dramatically. It’s also recommended to eat a small sandwich or some biscuits before going to sleep. It’s even better to drink milk as well. But of course, you should be careful not to take them too much.


Did you find this article useful?

You should be careful of one thing when you take any of these foods. Don’t eat and drink too much. It’s important to heal your heartbreak, but you will gain weight if you eat and drink too much to make you feel better.

An appropriate amount is the best for anything. Also, do some exercises. Refresh the inside and outside of your body, and get energy enough to move on to the next love.



7 different foods that heal your heartbreak

・”Fish” to make your mind peaceful
・”Meat” to get back a calm and cheerful mind
・”Curry”, the best power food
・”Hot milk” to be relaxed
・”Hot chocolate” which heals you with its smell and warmth
・”Wine” which makes your brain relaxed with its color and smell
・”Carbohydrate”, a resource of everything


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