7 different foods can heal your heartbreak

7 different foods can heal your heartbreak

Pain of heartbreak is tough for anyone, and you can never get used to it. There are various types of heartbreak. You couldn’t deliver your feeling to someone. The person you love already had a lover. You were dumped. The person you love got missing. You love a TV personality or an anime character. The person you love passed away. For people who are looking for a way to heal the pain of heartbreak, I’ll introduce how to heal it by different foods.

7 different foods can heal your heartbreak


Something sweet

Most likely, women will choose something sweet. Many women go to eat desserts with intimate people such as friends or sisters. The best dessert for heartbreak is “tiramisu’. The sweetness and bitterness are just like love.

Tiramisu literally means cheer me up, so it’s the best food to recover from heartbreak.
You may have heard that you can gain weight easily when you eat something sweet with a stressful mind. But after your heartbreak, who cares? Don’t hold yourself back, and just enjoy dessert to make you feel better.


Something spicy

On the other hand, some people eat something spicy. There are a lot of spicy foods in the world, Korean, Thai, Indian, etc. But probably Korean kimchi pot is the most famous. When you eat it with tears and talk about something fun with someone, your feeling will be better.

Even if you cry about the heartbreak, just pretend it’s because you eat spicy food. Your body will be hot and sweaty, which will make you feel refresh.


Warm food for your cold heart

Some people want to make their cold heart from heartbreak warmer with a warm food. Then why don’t you have a big pot food with many people? Eat the pot with your friends and talk about something fun, then your sad memory will go away.

You might be nervous and come up with bad ideas when you are alone. You may be able to bounce back from the heartbreak by having someone listen to you. Especially in such a moment, your friends will help.


Outdoor food

There are some people who release stress by cooking. Others like “yakiniku”, which you just keep grilling meat and eat them, or enjoy barbecue with a lot of people. The thing is, they just want to go out and switch their mind.

You can enjoy outdoor activities only in a limited season, and you have to collect people and find a place, so this is not an easy way. But this may be effective to heal your heartbreak.


Food which follows your rule

Some people might have a fixed food to eat when something particular happens. It may be a food which made you feel better when a sad thing happened in the past, or a food which you always eat when you are down. These foods can cheer you up.

You are ok if you can still eat something after the heartbreak. Get some sleep after eating a lot, and eat a lot again on the next day. Then you’ll get positive about looking for a new love.


Smooth food when you are not hungry

When you are not hungry because of the shock of the heartbreak, just try to eat an ice cream or yoghurt. If you can feel it’s tasty, you’ll get more appetite gradually. It’s natural that you need time to recover from heartbreak.

But if you don’t eat anything till you recover, your body will become weaker and that could lead a serious disease. In the summer, a meal using fruits such as a watermelon is recommended. Just try to eat something, and pull yourself together.


Easy junk food

Speaking of an easy, familiar and delicious food, junk food must come first. Go out to refresh your mind, eat something delicious, and talk about something with your friends, even about the heartbreak. That will make you bounce back. Takoyaki and a hamburger are recommended.

It’s important to try to have fun and become positive. You can thing that you may meet a new nice person when you go somewhere. Don’t care about your weight for a moment, and just eat something delicious, which will make you smile.


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Most people who are heartbroken keep crying day after day and lose appetite. Some get diseases such as depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. In a worse case, they try to kill themselves or stalk the ex-partner for revenge.

Don’t thing about it too much, and talk to someone you trust such as friends and family to refresh your feeling. If you talk to them and eat delicious foods, your mind will be positive, even if you still can’t feel like looking for a new relationship.



7 different foods can heal your heartbreak

・Something sweet
・Something spicy
・Warm food for your cold heart
・Outdoor food
・Food which follows your rule
・Smooth food when you are not hungry
・Easy junk food

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